Research: Surveys SaaS

Research: Surveys SaaS

  • was PollDaddy before (changed on nov 2018), and it is an Automattic company (Wordpress). Free plan is only one user but unlimited polls and surveys.

  • LimeSurvey is open source, quite good actually, written in PHP and easily self-hosted, even as SaaS.

    • Interesting template shop and tutorials are here
  • SurveyHero


Tally is reall great free form builder ali je ustvari i survey. Skoro sve opcije su potpuno besplatne a ono plaćeno se uglavnom odnosi na branding i na custom domain odnosno custom CSS. Pročitaj review ovde Tally Forms Review - Form Builder with the Most Generous Free Tier

Podržava i NPS kao Linear Scale Input block types i Likert kao Matrix question što znači da ima baš sve.

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