Smart Home: Tuya Ecosystem

Smart Home: Tuya Ecosystem

Tuya LCD Temp & Humidity Sensor, Zigbee

Model on box: ZG-227ZL

Zigbee Identifier: _TZE200_znbl8dj5 Model identifier: TS0601 Vendor: Tuya

Tuya ZG-227ZL Temperature and Humidity Sensor with LCD, Zigbee

Glitches and solutions

Normalno se prijavio u Zigbee deCONZ, ali se ne vidi u Phoscon App (ConBee II). Svejedno, normalno radi i u HA, tako da me to mnogo ne nervira. Ono što me nervira što mu očitavanja nisu baš tačna, pa bi bilo logično da ga kalibrišeš nekako, odnosno da mu negde uneseš neki offset da mu ispraviš grešku.

Device connected to Zigbee deCONZ network but it can’t be seen in the Phoscon App (ConBee II). It still works fine in HA, so that’s not really a big deal. What’s annoying, though, is that the readings aren’t all that accurate and it would make sense to calibrate it somehow, enter in an offset to correct the error.

The deCONZ REST API can do this, but an easier way is probably to use the HA service call “deCONZ configure”.

Best Zigbee Temperature and Humidity Sensors

moj je Tuya ZG-227ZL i jedini podržava “Native Calibration” Tuya Emoji Climate Sensor ZG-227ZL Review

Tuya Temperature and Humidity Sensor with LCD Display ZG-227ZL Zigbee compatibility

Human Presence Sensor

millimeter waves, mmWave radar sensor

  • Human Presence Sensors must be adapter powered.
  • If Tuya, buy exclusively Zigbee version - Wi-Fi versions are available, but as usual, they are Tuya cloud dependent so avoid them.
  • 24GHz vs 60GHz radar

24GHz is better in detection through obstacles. Detection range very long, up to 100m What about 5.8GHz Millimeter Wave Radar?

Best mmWave Human Presence Sensor

Tuya ZY-M100

Mini Human Breathe Sensor

Tuya ZigBee Human Presence Sensor ZY-M100 Review ZY-M100 Tuya Human Presence Sensor Review

ZY-M100-S is wall-mounted, ZY-M100-L is ceiling-mounted It operates as a router in a ZigBee mesh network and is very stable.

The mmWave sensor itself is model LeapMMW MR5G21 made by a Chinese company Chengdu Jiyue Shijin Technology Co., Ltd. This company already manufactures the well known DFRobot SEN0395 mmWave sensor which is based on their LeapMMW HS2xx3A series 24GHz sensor. The logic of operation is handled by a Gigadevice GD32E230 ARM Cortex-M23 Microcontroller.

The sensor is fully supported only ZigBee2MQTT and partially in ZHA, with Deconz support yet to come.

Amazing detection! ZY-M100 detected motion almost instantly - this is nearly as good as a fast PIR motion sensor. Clearing Motion can be tweaked by changing the value of the fading_time entity.

Tuya Human Presence Detector 5.8GHz Wall Mount ZY-M100-S Zigbee Compatibility Configuration for Tasmota

Tuya Zigbee PS-HPS

It’s also a router, so it is capable of extending your ZigBee mesh network

Tuya Zigbee PS-HPS

Aqara FP1 Human Presence Sensor (RTCZCGQ11LM)

60GHz sensor

Communications module is nRF52840 Multiprotocol chip, supporting BLE, NFC, ZigBee and Thread!, by Nordic Semiconductors, based out of Trondheim, Norway. The mmWave sensor itself is model XENSIV™ BGT60TR13C 60GHz Radar Sensor, developed by company Infineon from Neubiberg, Germany in partnership with Aqara. The BGT60TR13C MMIC is a 60GHz radar

Aqara FP1

Tuya Fingerbot local LAN


Tuya/Adaprox Fingerbot to Home Assistant Integration without Internet : homeassistant

  1. Extract details using redphx/tuya-local-key-extractor: Get Tuya device’s local key easily
    "device_id": "bfced7g3qocafiuc",
    "device_name": "Cubetouch 1s",
    "product_id": "3yqdo5yt",
    "product_name": "CUBETOUCH 1s",
    "category": "szjqr",
    "uuid": "4cd894b816e23261",
    "local_key": "f6df47cc29fe7850",
    "mac_address": "DC:23:4E:34:70:93"

in config/configuration.yaml put:

homeassistant: true
  base_topic: homeassistant
  server: mqtt://
  user: desetar
  password: password
  address: null
  capacity: 3
    type: tuya.fingerbot
    device_id: bfced7g3qocafiuc
    uuid: 4cd894b816e23261
    local_key: f6df47cc29fe7850
    down_percent: 80

Moraš sačekati da ga popravi: Can’t make it work · Issue #2 · liqi0816/ble2mqtt

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