What plugin uses what table?

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What plugin uses what table?

Really interesting list of database tables:

from plugin WP-Optimize wpo-plugins-tables-list.json I think it’s this: https://www.sbtrade.rs/app/plugins/wp-optimize/plugin.json

List of tables that various plugins are creating. Security Issue | WordPress.org

Ultimate folder structure

Folder structure for save-up.at is simple and very nice! BUT it’s nicer to be mixed with Bedrock is perfect! Bedrock: Folder Structure | Roots Documentation Something similar… The problem with Bedrock: Bedrock hasn’t been designed with shared hosting in mind So only thing I really like is - one folder up for web…

Move wp-content */

define(‘WP_CONTENT_FOLDERNAME’, ‘content’);

/style (themes) /core (active main theme) /extend (active child theme)

/modules /core (plugins) /requisite (mu-plugins)


My Media Folder Structure

Rename “uploads” to “media” Use plurals for folder names.

/media (maybe assests?; uploads) -/t (from thumbnails;) The complete structure same as on main part, done by plugin Fr Thumbnails Folder w/PHP snippet

-/i (from images; imgs) Automatic folder structure by content using Custom Upload Dir User’s logical grouping and structure is achieved using HappyFiles or similar plugin.

-/g/ (from gfx; graphics) /g /g/branding (company logos, etc) / using full folder names for better SEO /g/hero (e.g. header images) / using full folder names for better SEO

/g/udr (undraw vector collection) / using three-letter abbreviations as I don’t want client to know what I’m using /g/odo (opendoodles vector collection) /g/usp (unsplash collection)

“Soft read-only” content as user shouldn’t modify these, just use them. Import just once using Bulk Media Register plugin

Force all new uploads to one subfolder using Custom Upload Dir plugin

Set up that every new upload goes to . My graphics Podešeno da je upload uvek u /i, a tamo ide po želji Može da se menja…

Generate wp-config.php File

define( ‘UPLOADS’, ‘wp-content/media’ );

Steps to implement:

  • Set my custom folder structure with changes in wp-config and one small mu-plugin for themes (which I soon won’t need)
  • Fr Thumbnails Folder so I have separate resized images
  • Custom Upload Dir so I force where new media will be stored
  • HappyFiles to group media files for clients

Amazing Wordpress filter for translating & altering any text

Idea noticed here: https://github.com/rockethouse/rkt-admin/blob/master/index.php
but there is a lot of resources available: https://www.google.rs/search?q=gettext+filter

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