Deciding on site engine?

Deciding on site engine?

Creating site with Markdown

StaticGen Static Site Generators Static Site Generators

I really like Poole in Python: Oben Sonne - Blog obensonne / poole — Bitbucket

Render static blog sites from Markdown using Ghost themes: mixu/ghost-render

Flat File CMS

Great list of Flat File CMS Systems found here.

flat file cms - Google Search ahadb/flat-file-cms · GitHub BafS/parvula · GitHub

Very good

  • Hugo is written in Go and that should not be a problem. Has a quite a few of themes. More popular than Grav (6000 stars). Search is wiers, as this is real static-site generator.

  • Kirby is PHP but has the same problem as Grav as a folder is needed for every page. And it is not free.

  • HTMLy has a real lack of documentation.

  • Herbie is close to perfect, the only problem is German language. It has its own search functionality, but it’s file naming is very strict.

  • Pico is great (2000 stars) as is newer fork Phile which has the most flexible front-matter that I prefer. Both of them have little good showcase sites, and totaly lack search functionality.

  • Baun is successor to Pico from the same author, and is perfect in every sence, but only 200 stars. Admin panel is not free. Baun: A New Kind of PHP CMS - Gilbert Pellegrom

  • Sphido is simple and also has a logical metadata format.

  • with 4000 stars. I don’t like that we must use underscores instead of spaces in filenames. They call themselves a documentation generator.

Too wierd

Others that I looked at are or too weird or too outdated.

Edit in place

Docs | Sir Trevor JS | Made by Many Jeditable - Edit In Place Plugin For jQuery

Markdown-based documentation system

Don’t look no more: mdwiki is perfect.

Plugins: utensil/mdwiki-gimmicks

GitHub’s gollum/gollum Jekyll

WebBooks/wbb d

chutsu/ditto Good! MkDocs Markdoc Documentation » Index DocumentUp

Couscous! Put your documentation in a website!



Not perfect for me:

Nikola | Nikola

title: This is the real title
author: John Doe <>
date: 2014-06-25
keywords: mdwiki, wiki, markdown

Add a header parser by jokesterfr · Pull Request #137 · Dynalon/mdwiki

Interesting alternative to Grav?

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