Solve a ink drying problem on inkjet printers

Solve a ink drying problem on inkjet printers

Solution for printing from Windows command line

Printing PDFs from Windows Command Line

  1. You can do it from Adobe Reader, but it doesn’t close GUI after printing
  2. PDFtoPrinter uses AutoIt’s “RunWait” to run the embedded PDF-Xchange Viewer.
  3. If I don’t care about watermark: 2Printer
  4. SumatraPDF has the command line switches -print-to-default (or -print-to myprinter) and -silent that allows for completely silent background printing! The return code is 0 if it succeeds and 1 if it fails. Read more
  5. Maybe this would work? Raw File Printer

Selected: SumatraPDF solution

I’ve decided to use SumatraPDF as I’m already using it as default PDF viewer.

SumatraPDF.exe -silent -print-to "HP DeskJet 2630" do-not-dry-page.pdf

Now just use Windows Scheduled Tasks to execute it every two weeks. I’ve also made PDF page to print CMYK but not use too much ink; plus we can use that blank page with pen.

date 20. Dec 2020 | modified 10. Jun 2024
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