AI Clients: IDE Integrated

AI Clients: IDE Integrated

VSCode integrated

These are wonderful projects and very smart extensions for ChatGPT.

GPT Prompt Integrator

GPT Prompt Integrator also has a repository faaydemir/openai-powered-snippets and a snippet editor tool.

For half an hour, I couldn’t figure out how to start it, since the only trigger is Ctrl+O and then Ctrl+A, but after that it works as expected. It turned out that it also works with GPT-4 and GPT-3.

Unlike FlexiGPT, which is very similar, this one has a separate editor for prompt flows. The only thing I don’t like is that there is no way to open a sidebar or something similar and have interactive communication with ChatGPT.


FlexiGPT is a repository for ppipada/vscode-flexigpt: FlexiGPT plugin for VSCode. Interact with AI models as a power user.

It features a dedicated small sidebar for general programming and GPT Interrogator. However, it did not work with GPT-4, possibly due to the URL, and I was unable to get it to respond in the editor. Instead, everything happened in the sidebar, which I did not like. To be precise, I was never able to get it to respond to any model.

mkprompt: Prompt Builder for ChatGPT and Similar Apps

mkprompt Visual Studio extension is a companion tool for mkprompt that allows for the creation of flows. These generated prompts can be copied and pasted into the ChatGPT UI. Check out the TextQLLabs/mkprompt repository for more information on how to inject code, errors, and definitions into your ChatGPT prompt.

I find this tool to be somewhat raw and unrefined.

Additional tricks and tools

Minimizing Code to Fit Context

Code Minifier for ChatGPT Prompts is an extension that compresses code to better fit OpenAI’s requirements. Check out the repository lmsutools/Code-Minifier-for-ChatGPT-Prompts for more information.

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