Modern WordPress Software Engineering

Modern WordPress Software Engineering

Modern Software Engineering on WordPress

Perfect resources in order of quality:

OOP in Wordpress

The Bible on Design Patterns is Refactoring.Guru and more specific to PHP would be also amazing DesignPatternsPHP resource.

Dependency Injection explained at PHP: The Right Way

  1. Intro

  2. Practical hands-on

Typical design patterns on WordPress
Amazing PDF books

E-books authored by Josh Pollock for Torque Magazine and sponsored by WP Engine.

The Ultimate Guide to Object-Oriented PHP for WordPress Developers

Webpack all the way

What Tool to Use: webpack vs Gulp vs Grunt vs Browserify ←

workflow automation tools like Gulp or Grunt are vital for every project that requires web application development. These tools can assist in improving software engineer productivity. Additionally, they are able to automate routine operations such as CSS preprocessing, image compression, etc. And webpack is great for bundling various files together into a dependency graph.

Gulp is more modern compared to Grunt. It does coding vs writing a configuration for Grunt

If you want to save time and use only one workflow automation tool, webpack is the best option in my opinion. Its biggest advantage is that you don’t need to configure everything from scratch.

Interesting WordPress blogs:

Blog on WP Developing


PHP Namespaces for WordPress Developers | Steve Grunwell A Complete Guide to PHP Namespaces - Thoughtful Code Using PHP Namespaces And Autoloaders In WordPress Plugins | Josh Pollock

see also this note on autoloading

Josh Pollock Articles

Amazing author: Josh Pollock

How To Use WordPress As An Authentication Provider For Laravel - DEV Community this uses the WordPress REST API to check credentials and issue JWT tokens for users without direct access to WP database Headless WordPress with NextJS

More ebooks from him above

Amazing - How to use Codesandbox to develop blocks - Developing WordPress Blocks Without WordPress

Tom McFarlin Articles

Design Patterns in WordPress Writing Helper Functions in Procedural Programming in WordPress | Tom McFarlin Procedural Programming in WordPress | Tom McFarlin Using a Registry, Subscribers, and Services in WordPress | Tom McFarlin Tag: WordPress | Tom McFarlin

Alain Schlesser

Super momak, čisto kao izvor articala o Wordpress WordPress Development Blog - Misha Rudrastyh

10up Engineering Best Practices 10up Open Source Best Practices

Odlično objašnjenje za Dependency Injection aka Container


Create WordPress Plugins with OOP Techniques - Envato Tuts+ Code Article

Comparing modern MVC WordPress frameworks

Odlično o OOP i WP

Why object-oriented programming is your next step as a WordPress developer | The Man in the Arena

Category: Programming | The Man in the Arena

Introduction to WordPress acceptance testing | The Man in the Arena PHP reflection API fundamentals | The Man in the Arena


Build a WordPress OOP Plugin: An Object-Oriented Programming tutorial

How to develop for WP - szepeviktor/wordpress-website-lifecycle: How to work with WordPress 📅 for long years - like OOP libraries for WordPress development - wordpress-website-lifecycle/ at master · szepeviktor/wordpress-website-lifecycle, just like this OOP Toolkit for daily tasks in WordPress - szepeviktor/SentencePress: A set of words that is complete in itself. - OOP wrappers for WordPress

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