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I plan to use Bootstrap as it is widespread standard. So, the only reason not to use Bootstrap is if something else is incredibly awesome, that you can’t do woth Bootstrap!

On the other hand, massive frameworks like Bootstrap will slow down your site. So, extremly minimalistic shortcode plugin is also a variant.

  • Bootstrap Shortcodes for WordPress Bootstrap Shortcodes for WordPress Plenty of great WordPress plugins focus on providing the Bootstrap library. Bootstrap Shortcodes for WordPress assumes you already know how to include Bootstrap in your theme or site and focuses on giving you a great set of shortcodes to use it with.

    Ok. Not really bad.

The only sincere article was this: 18 Best WordPress ShortCode Plugins | Code Geekz

Example: http://www.sparwelt.de/magazin/mode-und-beauty/kaputtes-make-up-retten-und-schminktipps

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Shortcake (Shortcode UI)

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