Plugins: Searching for best Cookie & GDPR plugins

Plugins: Searching for best Cookie & GDPR plugins

Solutions can be divided into three groups:

  1. The simplest ones only provide information without allowing control over which cookies will be stored.
  2. The common ones enable the selection of cookies by 3 to 4 cookie groups.
  3. The most complex ones, also known as Cookie Management Platforms (CMP), even remember the response for each user by IP address. Google even offers partner verification through the CMP Partner Program.

Cookie baze su bitne, jer mi treba izvor opisa za cookie i gde da šaljem korisnike, a najbolje baze su:


I extensively used Real Cookie Banner and truly believe it is a bloated plugin that is a struggl to configure in every possible way. However, what finally pushed me over the edge was the impossibility of making a valid migration from Stage to Prod without something in this plugin being overwritten and causing problems. I even decide to avoid this problematic plugin author, and I have documented my experiences in a separate document.




Complianz – GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent a ima i repo na Really-Simple-Plugins/complianz-gdpr: Complianz Privacy Suite (GDPR/CCPA) je popularan plugin, a demo pogledaj na


CookieYes – Cookie Banner for Cookie Consent (Easy to setup GDPR/CCPA Compliant Cookie Notice) je ozbiljan plugin i ozbiljna kompanija, a odličan demo je na sajtu.

This article at Be Compliant with the Cookie Law for Free directly compares the three most important tools: Klaro, Osano, and OrestBida.

I personally prefer Pressidium Cookie Consent (Orest Bida) koji je ubedljivo najbolji i savršen ustvari, a zatim je tu CookieFox koji je ipak osetno manje funkcionalan.


CookieFox is a plugin that can be accessed through the source code found here, accompanied by an article available on the author’s website. It is a small, fast, and efficient plugin that simplifies the management of scripts that run on websites, allowing you to categorize and share cookies and approvals. However, its downside lies in its appearance, especially in the basic notice version, requiring additional custom CSS for improvement. Furthermore, it lacks the functionality to display a notice initially and then open a modal upon clicking “Manage Cookies.” Another drawback is the absence of an essential export/import feature.

Orest Bida

CookieConsent by Orest Bida on the orestbida/cookieconsent repository is perfect.

There are several implementation guides available from Orestbida, such as the one on Free Cookie Consent in WordPress with Tag Manager Consent Mode, along with video resources like How to build a CMP and manage cookies for free and even Free WordPress Cookie Consent (based on Orestbida Cookie Consent) in Oxygen Builder. However, with this, you do not have a CMP system or records.

One of the older plugins that implements Orestbida in WP is the Easy cookie consent plugin. However, it seems to have a limited user base and all configurations are done via PHP so essentially, the plugin serves as an empty shell around JS code, which does not make it a comprehensive CMP.

A newer plugin has emerged that properly implements the Pressidium Cookie Consent on WordPress, with similar functionality. The plugin’s repository is located at pressidium/pressidium-cookie-consent and also maintains consent records similar to a genuine CMP. The design is exquisite, typical of Orest Bida’s work, and it offers complete settings for Google Consent Mode v2 (GCM) along with instructions and a GTM template available at pressidium/pressidium-cookie-consent-gtm-template. It includes features such as blocked scripts and Consent Records, as well as Import/Export settings. Perfect!


The Klaro repository offers a high-quality implementation integrated through the Klaro Consent Manager WordPress plugin, which is comprehensive and includes a demo URL. All CMP processing is conducted as a Software as a Service (SaaS), while the JavaScript client-side remains open-source.


Osano’s repository for the Cookie Consent solution is integrated into WordPress through the Cookie Consent WordPress plugin, which appears to be the official plugin, albeit poorly maintained. Basic documentation for installation can be found on Osano’s website.

The Beautiful Cookie Consent Banner WordPress plugin, based on Osano, has a larger user base compared to others. However, it lacks Multilanguage support in the free version. Despite this limitation, it has affordable subscription options. You can find more information about its pricing on Beautiful Cookie Banner.

In just a few lines of JS code, I can easily implement the Osano script, a simple example of its usage can be found at WesztyWeb - Privacy Policy & GDPR Pop-Up Notice Using JS.

simple cookie, tiny cookie, simplest cookie

Od dole navedenih, izdvajaju se GDPR Cookie Consent Notice Box by Radical Web Design koji izgleda odlično,

  1. EU Cookies Bar for WordPress by VillaTheme je korektan ali ništa posebno

  2. GDPR Cookie Consent Notice Box by Radical Web Design izgleda vrlo lepo i jednostavno, a repo sa JS kodom na adriandmitroca/cookie-consent-box: A tiny, dependency-free cookie box widget that helps you to be GDPR complaint after including 8 kB of code (gzipped)

  3. Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA

Gijo Varghese je napisao I made a 1 KB alternative to Cookie Notice WordPress Plugin je više da dokaže poentu, a ta ideja implementirana kao plugin je Cookie Notice lite od autora SimpleTOC plugina.

Stvarno UK Ministarstvo pravde je objavilo Cookie Compliance For WordPress na repo ministryofjustice/cookie-compliance-for-wordpress: WP plugin that displays a cookie consent banner and opt-in setting page. poseduje i opt-in setting page, a out-of-the-box prikazuje dosta informacija kojie prikazuje na korektan način i ustvari nije uopšte toliko loš.

Minimalistički cookie notification plugin prasathmani/cookie-notify: In simple way add personalized cookie info and link to wordpress site. ali je jQuery dependant pa zaboravi

Conclusion: At the end, which GDPR plugin to use?

In fact, the only dilemma I was left with in the end was whether to implement Orest Bida using plugin, or simply install the Wordpress CookieFox plugin.

Easier to implement is CookieFox, while it is equally fast and light, adding only about 30ms to the site’s loading speed. On the other hand, Orest Bida’s solution is visually more appealing or, in popular terms, “kills”.

There is a third possibility, however, which is to implement the GDPR minimally and actually only inform the user about cookies (use pluguin from group 1.). The author of the aforementioned performance analysis concludes at the end of his text: “Don’t use any Cookie Consent plugin unless you make as much money as Google or Amazon”. And I personally think there is a lot of truth in that.

Researching alternatives

Even faster, but almost manual:

Za cookie:

oEmbed Manager sa repo Pierre-Lannoy/wp-oembed-manager: A WordPress plugin to manage oEmbed capabilities of your website and to take a new step in the GDPR compliance of your embedded content.

Dobar review: 8 Best WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins for GDPR, CCPA, & More, a tu su istaknuti po nekim osobinama meni bitnim: Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA ima milion korisnika, ali ne razumem zašto pošto je papreno skup.

Cookie banner plugin for WordPress – Cookiebot CMP by Usercentrics je baš skup jer ide po trafficu-u.

Since it is available on Envato, the WeePie Cookie Allow WordPress plugin is very affordable, although it can also be found on GPL sites. You can view the demo on their website, and it definitely supports Consent Mode v2, as evidenced on the changelog page.

PixelYourSite PRO je izuzetan plugin koji se može pronaći na GPL sajtovima a koji podržava i Meta Pixel i Google Consent Mode v2. Ista kompanija nudi i ConsentMagic: GDPR, CCPA, Cookie Consent for WordPress koji takođe ima na GPL sajtovima a koji mislim da je modul samo izdvojen kao odvojeni plugin. Na njihovom sajtu možeš videti demo koji i nije spektakularan.

Odlično su objasnili podešaganje u videu Google Consent Mode V2 for WordPress with PixelYourSite iz koga vidim da su PixelYourSite i ConsentMagic koji se samo zajedno instaliraju ako želiš.

Ustvari, skoro sva podešavanja postoje u video obliku što je za Facebook baš korisno: PixelYourSite YouTube, a na primer ovi su esencijalni Track KEY actions on WordPress: Meta Pixel, Google, TikTok, Pinterest, Bing kao i ovo Facebook Conversion API on WordPress using PixelYourSite ali i ovo TikTok Tag and API for WordPress, WooCommerce, CartFlows

Pazi objašnjenje, najzad: Conversion API events don’t replace browser events, they work as a backup. If for some reason the browser events don’t work, Facebook will use the CAPI events. It means that every event is in fact sent twice, once using the browser, once using Conversion API.

The GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin for WordPress is paid plugin that can be found on GPL sites, although it seems that the cookie scanner does not work without a server, but surely it does supports Google Consent Mode v2.

GDPR Cookie Compliance - WordPress Plugin by Moove Agency je vrlo skup paid plugin sa podrškom za Consent Mode v2 koji mogu pronaći na GPL sajtu, a tu je i free verzija na GDPR Cookie Compliance (CCPA, DSGVO, Cookie Consent), koja je jedina koja stvarno besplatno podržava Consent Mode v2.

Lightweight Cookie Notice by DAEXT is a paid plugin available through Envato, but there is also a free version on and easily found on GPL sites. To see how it looks, you must access their site from the EU, but the design is very appealing and author seems respected.

Favoriti su mi CookieFox, Borlabs Cookie, Lightweight Cookie Notice by DAEXT

Jebote, mora sertifikovani? New Google consent management requirements for serving ads in the EEA and UK (for publishers) - Google AdSense Help a pogledaj ceo spisak na Unlocking the full value of Consent Mode with partner support, ali samo ako servuješ ads preko Google AdSense.

Consent Mode v2

Detaljno objašnjenje Consent Mode V2 For Google Tags | Simo Ahava’s blog Consent mode on websites and mobile apps - Analytics Help

Helpful video tutorial on setting up Consent Mode V2 with any Cookiebanner in Google Tag Manager (GTM) is here.


Pressidium Google Consent Mode (GCM) v2 is now supported. It was addressed in 1.4.0, which was just released. Google Consent Mode (GCM) · Issue #51 · pressidium/pressidium-cookie-consent Consent Mode V2 |

Google Tag Assistant is a Google tool for analyzing Consent Mode on any website, and it is also available as a Chrome extension called Tag Assistant Companion.

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