Smart Home » Lighting System for Hallways in a Residential Building

Smart Home » Lighting System for Hallways in a Residential Building

Model: eWeLink SWITCH-ZR02 Zigbee Smart Switch 10A Based on the Zigbee radio module Texas Instruments CC2652

It acts as a router device (YES!), responds without delay and has a solid 10A relay.

Hi, I got another cheap AliExpress hardware review. eWelink ZigBee Smart Switch 10A : homeassistant

eWeLink SWITCH-ZR02 control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT ZigBee relay on CC2652 at an available price from CBE [eWeLink SWITCH-ZR02] | by Igor Mullin | Medium eWeLink Switch Module AC85-265V 10A SWITCH-ZR02 Zigbee compatibility

Custom firmware for Sonoff ZBMINI (01MINIZB) and eWeLink Switch ZR-02 – Zigbee Hobbyist. Rock Pi 4 SBC

Confirmed to work with ZigBee2MQTT Hello. I’m using 4 of this with my conbee 2 without problems. It will pair like “lights”

Model: Zigbee 16A Tuya WHD02 Switch Mini

Tuya Mini Smart Switch 10A/16A WHD02 Zigbee compatibility TuYa WHD02 control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT Girier JR-ZDS01 control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT

Na osnovu ovog, mislim da jeste router: Moes ZigBee 2 Gang Switch Module Review - SmartHomeScene

About Zigbee repeater/router

Extending Network Range with a Zigbee Repeater - SmartHomeScene

Interesting Zigbee Devices

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