Plugin: General Cleanup

Plugin: General Cleanup

General Cleanup:

Yoast SEO Cleanup:

Speed optimization? or these are cleanup?

Plugin: Disable emojis

I’ve selected Falcon, despite mu usual approach when selecting plugins.

Plugins like roots/soil or vinkla/headache do the same plus also remove emojis, but without any configuration whatsoever.

Interesting tool to estimate site bloat: WP SEO Plugin Optimizer

  • Cleanup WordPress HTML with roots/soil. It is a commercial plugin, but also no protections on use?
  • Also cleanup is wordplate/headache and is also by great author

  • WP Hush is an interesting plugin to hide donation links and nags from popular plugins, exclusively inside admin area. As it is probably not allowed in repo we will use GitHub.

Head Trimmer

Good cleanup code on WP:

soil/clean-up.php at master · roots/soil Very interesting code…

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