AI » Coding Assistants

AI » Coding Assistants

See: Free for Developers

  • GitHub Copilot

  • Codeium · Free AI Code Completion & Chat izgleda soldino i SKROZ besplatan. Will this always be free? - For individual developers, yes.

  • Tabnine

  • MutableAI is free for a start

  • Mintlify is a VSCode extension for writing documentation within the code itself, automatically and AI-powered. Charming! Just highlight code and see the magic.

  • Cursor is the new editor to take on VSCode scoop install

gencay/vscode-chatgpt: An unofficial Visual Studio Code - OpenAI ChatGPT integration ChatGPT - Genie AI - Visual Studio Marketplace

Adrenaline shobrook/adrenaline: An AI-powered debugger Adrenaline sends your code and error message to the OpenAI Edit & Insert API

davidleitw/naming: naming made easy: Elevate your code’s readability with just one command.

genieai.chatgpt-vscode ai-genie/chatgpt-vscode: Your best AI pair programmer in VS Code

Code Translator mckaywrigley/ai-code-translator: Use AI to translate code from one language to another.

Ovaj pravi ceo repo: GitWit, šatro

Wordpress pokušaj: CodeWP - AI WordPress Code Generator & Assistant je interesantno

New AI entrants: is similar to Codeium

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