AI » Coding Assistants

AI » Coding Assistants

AI Code Assistants

See: Free for Developers

The CodeWP AI WordPress Code Generator & Assistant is a paid tool that is specifically designed for WordPress. One interesting feature it offers is the custom AI Modes, which have been trained for specific plugins.

Cursor - The AI-first Code Editor, is a new editor that aims to compete with VSCode by focusing on AI. However, it is not free. If you are using Windows, you can try installing it using the command scoop install

gencay/vscode-chatgpt: An unofficial Visual Studio Code - OpenAI ChatGPT integration ChatGPT - Genie AI - Visual Studio Marketplace

Adrenaline shobrook/adrenaline: An AI-powered debugger Adrenaline sends your code and error message to the OpenAI Edit & Insert API

AI Tools for Specific Coding Tasks

davidleitw/naming: naming made easy: Elevate your code’s readability with just one command.

genieai.chatgpt-vscode ai-genie/chatgpt-vscode: Your best AI pair programmer in VS Code

Code Translator mckaywrigley/ai-code-translator: Use AI to translate code from one language to another.

Ovaj pravi ceo repo: GitWit, šatro je interesantno

New AI entrants: is similar to Codeium

Nije loše za React: Magic Patterns gde AI kreira kod, iako će toga sada biti brdo.

CLONE UI | design - Generate UI components with simple prompts is an AI-based tool that lets you generate UI components with a simple text prompt, sve sa HTML i TailwindCSS, nestvarno!

Ludilo za React:

Announcing v0: Generative UI – Vercel na v0 by Vercel

Cody | AI coding assistant nije besplatan, ali je od renomirane firme.

Continue AI mi je novi VSCode favorit

Continue je savršen, sa repo continuedev/continue: ⏩ The easiest way to code with any LLM—Continue is an open-source autopilot for VS Code and JetBrains

A slična ekstenzija je i Rubberduck - ChatGPT for Visual Studio Code - Visual Studio Marketplace


Omogućava you can use it with commercial models like GPT-4 via the OpenAI API, open-source models like CodeLlama running on your laptop with Ollama

A korisnici imaju dobra iskustva sa codebooga modelom.

Tool to get up and running with large language models locally ollama/ollama: Get up and running with Llama 2, Mistral, and other large language models. and model codebooga

O tome koliko je koji code-language dobar za LLM LLMs are helpful with Python, but what about all of the other programming languages?

Top 5 AI Coding Assistants You Must Try - KDnuggets

Tabby - Visual Studio Marketplace - Huggingface SafeCoder ima svoju extenziju safeCoder - Visual Studio Marketplace a izgleda da je taj model implementiran u Home | Tabby je server koji podržava mnogo drugih open-source modela.

Show HN: Tabby – A self-hosted GitHub Copilot | Hacker News

self-hosted AI coding assistant serve –model TabbyML/StarCoder-1B –device cuda

Homebrew (Apple M1/M2) | Tabby

brew install tabbyml/tabby/tabby
tabby serve --device metal --model TabbyML/StarCoder-1B

Ali je možda bilja primena preko Hugging Face Spaces | Tabby

Ima razne modele: 🧑‍🔬 Models Registry | Tabby, a za completion je DeepseekCoder-6.7B najbolji, dok je za chat Mistral-7B. TabbyML (TabbyML)

I kako se koji ponaša: Coding LLMs Leaderboard

Isto kao Continue je Code GPT: Chat & AI Agents - Visual Studio Marketplace

Prompt: Do a code review of given code for bugs, code smells, check if logic can be simpler and code more readable. If necessary extract logic of the following code into separate functions and simplify it. Take a deep breath and work on this problem step-by-step.

Prompt Club - Free, fast & powerful prompt playground.

LLM Litmus Test from Sourcegraph Labs allows you to compare and determine the most suitable LLM for your AI coding scenarios.

Claude 3 is now available for all Cody users

Darwin - Your Github Agent has been “missing in action” after only 2 months, despite being introduced in the article Darwin AI and featured on HN.

16x Prompt - ChatGPT for Coding is streamlined AI prompt generator especially for Coding GitHub - Skyvern-AI/skyvern: Automate browser-based workflows with LLMs and Computer Vision

Ideal Customer Profile Generator - M1 Project Synthflow AI human-like conversational AI voice agents

You must have the CodeGPT extension installed in VSCode.

CodeGPT Download link:

Then you must install @ollama
Ollama Download link:
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