Plugins for Analytics that are not Google

Plugins for Analytics that are not Google

These are all plugins that store data in the same WordPress database. I will rank them based on my personal preferences: 1. Koko Analytics for its clean design, or 2. WP Statistics if you require more detailed stats.

Koko Analytics is a plugin developed by the reputable authoring studio Ibericode, who is actually the founder of Fathom Analytics. The plugin embodies minimalism, is clean, and does not include any upsells, which I find particularly appealing. The same individual is involved in other projects as well, as detailed on the Projects page on Danny van Kooten’s website.

The Burst Statistics plugin displays only basic data, while advanced features are only available in the Pro version, which is not found on GPL sites and requires a yearly payment. Despite the need for payment, the plugin appears to be elegantly designed and well-coded - the main drawback is the requirement for payment, which prevents it from being ranked higher.

The WP Statistics is truly open-source and free, with a repository on wp-statistics/wp-statistics. It includes GeoIP, real-time tracking, and many additional features. It has a somewhat outdated interface, but in terms of functionality, it surpasses the previous two options, making it a better choice if needed.

Statify from the pluginkollektiv/statify repository is a straightforward yet potentially adequate statistics plugin for WordPress. It is considered the most mature option available as it accurately counts site views, making it 100% compliant with GDPR regulations. This plugin serves as a lightweight alternative to other tracking services. However, it only offers a small dashboard widget with a few settings - which, in my opinion, is too rudimentary.

There are add-ons available for Statify, such as Extended Evaluation for Statify plugin that shows more detailed diagrams, or Statify Filter plugin for excluding certain data. Zbog ovih pluginova Statify je ipak nekako upotrebljiv, ali minimalno.

Active Analytics - A WordPress Analytics Plugin - getButterfly je premium ali se može naći na GPL sajtovima.

Track The Click uses client side Javascript to record all outbound click events and record them to a local database, or optionally forward them to Google Analytics. Once the data is recorded, Track The Click offers a number of views, to interpret and analyze the click behavior.

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