Tools for Improving PHP Quality

Tools for Improving PHP Quality

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Static analysis tool that can be used to expose bugs in your PHP code

PHP static code analysis based on the example of PHPStan, Phan and Psalm | by Max Matiukhin | Bumble Tech | Medium

Možeš da ih koristiš više istovremeno, ali ovo je moj order:

  1. vimeo/psalm: A static analysis tool for finding errors in PHP applications. This analyser is the youngest of our threesome. Psalm was developed by the Vimeo company.
  2. phpstan/phpstan: PHP Static Analysis Tool - discover bugs in your code without running it!
  3. phan/phan: Phan is a static analyzer for PHP. Phan prefers to avoid false-positives and attempts to prove incorrectness rather than correctness.. Developed by the Etsy company. First commits by Rasmus Lerdorf.

Make code follow standards

Do you use PHP\CodeSniffer and PHP CS Fixer PHPStorm Plugin? You are Slow and Expensive | Tomas Votruba

PHP_CodeSniffer aka PHPCS can actually report what should be changed, without any clear suggestion of how to change it (read-only). But PHP CS Fixer fixes the code by default, so you don’t even have to think about the change.

  1. PHP-CS-Fixer/PHP-CS-Fixer: A tool to automatically fix PHP Coding Standards issues
    PHP-Cs-Fixer (PHP Coding Standards Fixer) is a tool fixes your code to follow standards; whether you want to follow PHP coding standards as defined in the PSR-1, PSR-2, etc., or other community driven ones like the Symfony one. You can also define your (team’s) style through configuration. Written by Fabien Potencier, the creator of the Symfony framework

  2. squizlabs/PHP CodeSniffer: PHP_CodeSniffer tokenizes PHP files and detects violations of a defined set of coding standards.

phpro/grumphp: A PHP code-quality tool can integrate both in workflow.

Does PHP-CS-Fixer replace or complement PHPCS/PHPCBF? · Issue #3459 · PHP-CS-Fixer/PHP-CS-Fixer

oblakstudio/wordpress-coding-standards: A set of WordPress coding standards for PHPCS by Sibin Grašić

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