Git Workflow

Git Workflow

  • One can’t just directly push to master. You issue a merge request and after review, it is manually merged to master. This MR triggers deploy to staging.


  • test job is executed on every branch push, except master (environment: test)
  • deploy to stage is triggered on merge request approval and subsequent code pushed to master (environment: stage)
  • deploy to production is triggered only manually after Q&A is confirmed (environment: production)


  • test stage is where all the tests are executed

    • backend unit tests
    • backend integration tests
    • frontend unit tests
    • frontend screenshot tests
    • frontend functional tests



  • test is run as a new docker envirnoment, done by GitLab runners
  • stage is deployed on Germany “staging” cluster and is available for testing on
  • production is deployed on GKE/Exoscale in Switzerland
date 10. Aug 2019 | modified 10. Jun 2024
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