PHP: Miscellaneous

PHP: Miscellaneous

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Unit testing PHP?

Quickly Perform PHP Unit Testing With PHPUnit

Interesting PHP libraries

Optimize images

  • spatie/image-optimizer
    can optimize PNG,JPG,SVG,GIF and WebP by running them through a chain of various image optimization tools. Not sure if it can convert or resize images.

Browser screenshots



spatie/crawler: An easy to use, powerful crawler implemented in PHP. Can execute Javascript.

By default, the crawler will not execute JavaScript, but you can enable the execution of JavaScript: this package uses Browsershot subpackage. This package uses Puppeteer under the hood.

Goutte & Panther - same API and that’s important

PHP Web Scraping: What to know before you start with Symfony Panther, Goutte, and more
Web Scraping with PHP

Proxy in Panther:

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