Plugins: Native Browser Push Notifications

Plugins: Native Browser Push Notifications


Ovo sam izvukao iz fioke zato što se pojavio odličan i jednostavan plugin koji radi baš to što treba na idealan način - sve je deo WordPress-a.

Savršeno! Perfecty Push Notifications odnosno Self-hosted Push Notifications a repo perfectyorg/perfecty-push-wp: WordPress plugin for self-hosted Web Push Notifications ⚡️

Task from 2016-12-21

Push notifications

Fastest way to test it is LetReach and it’s free for up to 2000 subscribers. It is from their domain, so you are locked-down to them.

Not working on Firefox, and that is now possible: Web Push Arrives in Firefox

Minishlink/web-push: Web Push library for PHP

WordPress › push « Tags

WordPress › Chrome Push Notifications Dexie.js - Minimalistic IndexedDB Wrapper


WordPress - only load plugins on pages that need them - position: relative;

Simplenote - 2016-08-23

Chrome Push Notifications

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