Oxygen Builder Snippets

Oxygen Builder Snippets

Collection of Oxygen articles everywhere - Oxystuff The same thing: Oxygen4Fun

Great Oxygen Code Snippets by Matthias Altmann

For example:

Useful Free Oxygen Plugins

Breakpoints always visible and on top: https://wordpress.org/plugins/swiss-knife-for-oxygen-buider/

Simple but useful additions: https://wordpress.org/plugins/toolbar-extras-oxygen/

Sandbox: https://wordpress.org/plugins/oxyrealm-sandbox/ Amazing idea: https://wordpress.org/plugins/erropix-hydrogen-paste/

May be useful: https://wordpress.org/plugins/oxy-relogin-window/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpdevdesign-oxygen-navigator/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/editor-enhancer-for-oxygen/

hahaha: https://dplugins.com/code_snippets/live-reload-with-scripts-organizer/ https://dplugins.com/code_snippets/get-oxygen-breakpoints-as-css-variables/

Amazing read: Code Snippets - dplugins.com

About slider:

https://oxygen4fun.supadezign.com/tips/tips-for-the-composite-elements/ prebaci slider na lokal

Animacija na tekstu slidera ili slično https://oxygen4fun.supadezign.com/tutorials/how-to-use-gsap-with-flickity-and-other-sliders/#gsapswiper

Responsive: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41855877/css-how-to-have-swiper-slider-arrows-outside-of-slider-that-takes-up-12-column

Amazing Oxygen plugin: https://dplugins.com/products/collaboration/

When race conditions occur

A race condition occurs when two threads access a shared variable at the same time. The first thread reads the variable, and the second thread reads the same value from the variable. Then the first thread and second thread perform their operations on the value, and they race to see which thread can write the value last to the shared variable. The value of the thread that writes its value last is preserved, because the thread is writing over the value that the previous thread wrote.

Must-use Oxygen Addons

Hydrogen Pack (Must Have):

Copy-Paste - Clipboard, even items from an external website (Must Have),
Keyboard Shortcuts (Must Have),
Disable edit locking - open and change as many pages as you want (Usable Trick),
Sandbox mode (Handy)

Oxy Toolbox by Oxy plugins (Usable) is mostly about Admin twaks.

- Text Edit - left text area of Heading and Text components (Must Have)
- Media Query Buttons - Replaces the media query dropdown with a row of buttons to avoid multiple clicks (Must Have)
- Dropdowns on Hover, Expanded Select Box Options, Highlight Active Options, Currently Editing (Usable Tweaks)
- Offline Mode - by replacing calls to assets from external CDN URLs with files from within the plugin (Usable)
- Rename classes (Recommended) or remove unused (Handy)
- Disable the Gutenberg WordPress editor and unload Gutenberg-related stylesheets (Usable Tweak)

OxyMade is piece of shit - Component Library (Ignore) and CSS Framework (Shit!) OxyExtras is component library for Oxygen (Ignore)

  • Plain Classes Oxygen je Oxygen plugin za speedy input of CSS classes and bypass the Oxygen selector system.
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