Wordpress Plugins: Redis Object Cache

Wordpress Plugins: Redis Object Cache

sudo apt-get install redis-server On other systems please refer to the Redis website.

You can install the pecl extension (faster)


apt-get -y install redis-server php-redis

Add these lines at the end of the file:
cat <<'EOF' >> /etc/redis/redis.conf

# Custom config
maxmemory 256mb
maxmemory-policy allkeys-lru

service redis restart

Configuring Redis as a cache

If you plan to use Redis just as a cache where every key will have an expire set, you may consider using the following configuration instead (assuming a max memory limit of 2 megabytes as an example):

In this configuration there is no need for the application to set a time to live for keys using the EXPIRE command (or equivalent) since all the keys will be evicted using an approximated LRU algorithm as long as we hit the 2 megabyte memory limit. Basically in this configuration Redis acts in a similar way to memcached. We have more extensive documentation about using Redis as an LRU cache.

Using Redis as an LRU cache – Redis

Redis Page Cache

Redis Page Cache sa repo na pressjitsu/pj-page-cache-red: Redis-backed full page caching plugin for WordPress je izgleda vrhunsko rešenje, u rangu nginx cache-a.

Cache Master page-cache plugin supports around 10 engines, including Redis.

How to speed up Wordpress with Redis Cache | SpeedyWordpress

date: 2016-08-11

Object Cache SLOWED down the site

One last thing to add regarding W3 Total Cache, do not enable Object Cache. That bypasses the WordPress Transients API which the Datafeedr plugins rely on for storing data to reduce the number of API requests required to build and update your products.

? Thanks for that Eric. I’ve found problems in the past when using W3 Total Cache object cache or database cache.

date: 2023-08-10

Redis Page Cache - ima na drugim mestima

Podesi Redis Unix sockets jer je 80% brži: Redis Single Server Analyzer | Enlightn

The performance of Redis when used with a socket connection can get close to the performance of APCu.

Nove stvari vezane za Redis i PHP:

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Relay — Next-generation caching for PHP is PHP extenson for Redis, but very, very fast. Dragonfly cachegrand memc.rs

ohsayan/sky-benches: Attempts at benchmarking Skytable with the others to see where we stand

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