Research » Browser Extensions » Session Manager

Research » Browser Extensions » Session Manager

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During the years, I have utilized a myriad of similar extensions. Although they all worked reasonably well, I have never had one that performed flawlessly and functioned seamlessly across all browsers. With the unification of the extension API, it is now time to seek out the ideal extension that is compatible with both Firefox and Chrome. Furthermore, there is no doubt that it must be genuinely open-source.

Tab Session Manager is my new favorite. Nema tu mnogo stvari boljih od BetterOneTab, ali na primer Sync koristi Google Drive dok je BetterOneTab koristio njihov propetary server.

Past Used Extensions

Tabs Aside extension is only for Firefox, I have used it for a long time and it worked properly. I have noticed on its repo tim-we/tabs-aside that it has not been actively updated for years and that most of the commits are related to updating dependencies. The main concept is that tabs are saved as regular bookmarks, which makes it easy to synchronize them between devices.


better-onetab je odličan i nemam nekih posebnih primedbi

Session Buddy je Chrome-only ali radi odlično.

date 26. Feb 2023 | modified 10. Jun 2024
filename: Research » Browser Extensions » Session Manager