DNS Hosting

DNS Hosting

v=spf1 a mx ip4: -all spf2.0/pra a mx ip4: -all

Self-hosted hopper.pw is no more, but they recommend nsupdate.info or zzzz.io

One domain is free: Perhaps the most amazing DNS hosting in the world… ever? Around 10 zones for free: Data Driven DNS

Name Server providers Web Usage Statistics

Top 10 DNS Hosting Provider


Pricing - NSONE Data Driven DNS Rage4 Networks Limited

DNS Speed Comparison Report - SolveDNS Comparison and Analysis of Managed DNS Providers

DigitalOcean as DNS?

  • Has free DNS hosting. But their IP is hosted at CloudFlare? Note it is not the same as CloudFlare normal usage.
  • Have Frankfurt datacenter

Good: TTL can be set to any huge value; supports IPv6 Bad: none so far

Can be improved as doesn’t offer domain email formwarding.

DNS hosting is free for all DigitalOcean customers. There’s no requirement to have a running virtual server to use the DNS manager, but you will need to unlock the account first by either adding a credit card or sending a Paypal payment. But there are no charges for DNS management.


DigitalOcean DNS How to Configure DNS on DigitalOcean

date: 2019-09-27

Now.sh as free DNS management alternative

We should maybe use Now.sh from Zeit that have have global DNS service and free DNS Record Management and they have main EU locations in Zurich.

Their CLI is also great for DNS Record Management and they also support Wildcard Certificates like Digital Ocean.

So they are viable alternatives.

Some old notes:

date: 2012-08-19

√ External free DNS hosting

I must have external secondary DNS because sometimes I want to shut down my DNS virtual machine.

dns hosting - Reliable cheap or free DNS service? - Server Fault - http://serverfault.com/questions/68021/reliable-cheap-or-free-dns-service

* Primary DNS

* Secondary DNS only
BuddyNS - Home Page - http://www.buddyns.com/
Compare plans | CloudFlare | The web performance & security company - https://www.cloudflare.com/plans
Point - Perhaps the most amazing DNS hosting... in the world... ever? - https://pointhq.com/
XName site - Free DNS Hosting Service - http://www.xname.org/
ClouDNS.net: Free DNS hosting - http://www.cloudns.net/
Hurricane Electric Hosted DNS - https://dns.he.net/
EntryDNS free DNS service and dynamic DNS - https://entrydns.net/
FreeDNS - Free DNS - Dynamic DNS - Static DNS subdomain and domain hosting - http://freedns.afraid.org/
Our Competitors - GeoScaling DNS2 - Free Managed DNS, redirect by Country, City, Network Name (AS/ASN/Autonomous System number), uptime, and custom rules with Smart Subdomains - http://www.geoscaling.com/competitors.html
Hosted Authoritative DNS Providers | Comparison tables - SocialCompare - http://socialcompare.com/en/comparison/hosted-authoritative-dns-providers-r5oyhz1
DNSPod - The free intelligent Domain DNS Hosting Service provider - https://www.dnspod.com/
No-IP - Dynamic DNS, Static DNS for Your Dynamic IP - http://www.no-ip.com/


Secondary DNS:

Buddy DNS Zone Transfer IPs:,

DNS Glue records

http://www.webdnstools.com/dnstools/articles/glue_records » DNS Tools - Glue Records

Glue records:
     1&1: http://faq.1and1.co.uk/domains/domain_admin/dns_settings/3.html » 1&1 Webhosting FAQ | What is a glue record?
     GoDaddy: http://www.ehow.com/how_8116690_add-glue-records-godaddy.html » How to Add Glue Records at GoDaddy | eHow.com

Manage DNS records · Cloudflare DNS docs danielpigott/cloudflare-cli: CLI for interacting with Cloudflare ZigZagT/cloudflare-dns: CLI and Python tool for managing Cloudflare DNS

Huawei Cloud je always-free DNS koji se nalazi u Bugarskoj, tako da je to najbliže do sada.

Hetzner DNS je takođe besplatan na Hetzner DNS Console

Digitalocean podržava wildcard DNS records, kao i CloudFlare DNS

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