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Thrift is divided into two libraries.

libthrift The core Thrift library contains all the core Thrift code. It requires boost shared pointers, pthreads, and librt.

libthriftnb This library contains the Thrift nonblocking server, which uses libevent. To link this library you will also need to link libevent. :: Networking in VirtualBox (The Fat Bloke Sings)

Thrift: I just downloaded Thrift and I need to create servers in PHP, which will listen on unix or tcp sockets

[#THRIFT-778] PHP socket listening server

But then again: [#THRIFT-1482] Unix domain socket support under PHP - ASF JIRA

[#THRIFT-1261] STDIO support for node-thrift - ASF JIRA

[Thrift-user] Unix Domain Sockets as the transportation layer - Grokbase

Testing the performance: It additionally adds support for Unix Domain Sockets and Windows Named Pipes, so that local client/server communication can be done without the use of localhost.

benchmarking - How can I benchmark a websocket-based Node.js application? - Stack Overflow A benchmarking tool for Web Socket servers. wsbench drewww/ @ GitHub

Thrift Integration

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