Vagrant = Bugs

Vagrant = Bugs

Fixing bugs, version by version. A list of bugs that had to be solved in the past, for Vagrant to work as expected. Here are the Vagrant’s patches & fixes…

Make SSH work (fixed in later versions)

Vagrant still has a bugs, specially for Windows. So sometimes we need to patch some files to help him work. This patch is very important because I really like vagrant ssh command, and by default, it doesn’t work in Windows.

Find the location of a ssh.rb file:

for /f "tokens=*" %f in ('where /R "c:\vagrant" "ssh.rb" ^| grep "embedded\\\gems\\\gems\\\vagrant.*\\\lib\\\vagrant\\\ssh.rb"') do @(set _TMP=%f)

  For older Vagrant, it was:
  for /f "tokens=*" %f in ('where /R "c:\vagrant" "ssh.rb" ^| grep "embedded\\\lib\\\ruby\\\gems\\\.*\\\gems\\\vagrant.*\\\lib\\\vagrant\\\ssh.rb"') do @(set _TMP=%f)

Patch that ssh.rb file

echo/^> =begin
(echo/^> )
echo/^> =end
(echo/^> )
echo/^>       which = ? "where ssh >NUL 2>&1" : "which ssh >/dev/null 2>&1"
echo/^>       raise Errors::SSHUnavailable if !Kernel.system^(which^)
) >vagrant-ssh-windows-patch.diff

patch -i vagrant-ssh-windows-patch.diff "%_TMP%"

And remove leftovers

del vagrant-ssh-windows-patch.diff

SSH in Vagrant will now work as supposed to:

vagrant ssh

Bugs in vagrant.bat (fixed in later versions)

Fix some Vagrant problems:


Fixing v1.1.2 bugs (fixed in later versions)

  1. Error when: Downloading with Vagrant::Downloaders::HTTP… Example command: vagrant box add “ubuntu-12.10-quantal64-firstbeatmedia” “" Fix: wget –no-check-certificate -N “" -O “c:\Tools\Vagrant\vagrant\embedded\gems\gems\vagrant-1.1.2\lib\vagrant\box_collection.rb”

Linux GLIBC_2.1 error

In Linux, Vagrant version 1.0.6 sometimes won’t work (GLIBC_2.1 error) Bug: The solution was to use older 1.0.5. I believe it is fixed in later versions.

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