Regex Inverter

Regex Inverter

Generate the set of strings that match a given regex.

Online Regex Inverter

Based on Python library.

Xeger - JAVA implementation: :: xeger - A Java library for generating random text from regular expressions - Google Project Hosting :: Distributed Reflections of the Third Kind: Xeger has arrived!!!

Python: :: leapfrogdevelopment / rstr / source / — Bitbucket

apt-get install python-setuptools
wget -O - | tar zxpf -
cd leapfrogdevelopment-rstr-*
python install
cd ..
rm -rf leapfrogdevelopment-rstr-*

Exactly what I need: :: Generating text from a regular expression | Python | Python :: Merge multiple (potentially infinite) sorted inputs into a single sorted output « Python recipes « ActiveState Code
[Is there a lib to generate data according to a regexp? (Python or other) - Stack Overflow](

apt-get install python-pyparsing
or apt-get install python3-pyparsing for python 3
And then, as you did it...


[benburkert/randexp · GitHub](
[Randexp - Generating test data with Ruby regexs - Dean Wilson@UnixDaemon: In search of (a) life](

[Ruby Quiz - Reverse the Polarity (#143)](


Not complete: :: Regexp::Genex -

Communication between Ruby and Python:

gem install rubypython (older unmaintained)
gem install rubypython-raspi (maybe for raspberry)
gem install rupy (the same author as raspi)

[steeve/rupy · GitHub](
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