Android Custom ROM

Android Custom ROM

Šta je aktuelno u 2023?

15 Best Custom ROMs for Android (2023)

Refreshing Samsung tablet from 2016 to Android 13

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10 (2016), SM-T580, aka “gtaxlwifi”, 2G RAM specs: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016)

How to root: Newbie-friendly: TWRP and Root for Tab A tablets (2016, 10.1")

Reviving Amazon Fire HD 10 from 2017 to Android 9

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017), Gen 7, aka “suez”, 2G RAM Specs: Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017)

Uspešno sam namestio LineageOS Lineage 16.0 (aka Android 9.0) ROMs, uz upotrebu TWRP toola za recovery.

Replacement of official Google Apps and services

Custom Google Apps Packages for Android

microG is a reimplementation of some core proprietary google services that allows you to use some features on your phone that would otherwise require google’s packages installed, without ever installing them or having anything Google related related on your phone.

Aurora Store is a client for the Google Play Store that allows users to download, update, and search for apps, similar to the Play Store. However, what sets Aurora Store apart is that it does not rely on Google’s proprietary framework to function as it functions perfectly well with or without Google Play Services or MicroG.

Droid-ify je mnogo lepši F-Droid client ali pored osnovnog podržava i još mnogo dodatnik repositorija.

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