Plugins to Organize Plugins

Plugins to Organize Plugins

plugin management

Grouping is necessary and Plugin Groups is the best one for that purpose.

Plugin Classification, Grouping and Organization

Plugin Groups is not the most beautiful plugin out there, but it is regularly maintained and it works. It allows you to group your plugins in Admin area, in a very flexible way. It is also available on Github as DavidCramer/plugin-groups. I consider it essential now.

Plugin Organizer is a plugin that allows you to modify the order of plugin loading, disable plugins per post type and add plugin grouping. To achieve all those features, it includes an extra must-use module. However, I’m never using it due to its complicated and confusing user interface and its negative impact on the performance of the admin area.

Plugin Manager was a plugin that was well-designed and used to serve the purpose of grouping plugins, locking and hiding them, and had a nice user-friendly interface. However, it has not been updated in a long time and now causes WordPress to crash. Despite this, it was a great plugin that I enjoyed using. The plugin is also available on Github as sujin2f/Plugin-Manager. U suštini, ovaj je plugin bio masterpiece.

WP Plugin Packer was unable to launch due to fatal errors, but the concept is excellent and it is definitely worth analyzing. Check out the introduction article on WP Plugin Packer - Create Plugin Packs for WordPress for more insight.

Group the Plugins is very interesting and useful as it organizes all the plugins from the same author into one group, hiding all the plugins from a specific author. The workflow is as follows - you enter the name of a single author exactly - there is no option for multiple authors and it must be the name, not the username or user slug - and then on that page you can enable-disable plugins, while those plugins are no longer visible on the plugins page.

Plugins In Groups is a fundamental plugin for grouping and is very decent, offering a simple way to add plugins to groups. It lacks a separate screen with a list of groups, but that may not be essential. Overall, “Plugin Groups” is slightly better but not by much.

himi’s Plugin Organizer effectively handles groups of plugins and supports notes - referred in plugin as comments - but both the UI and the plugin itself are outdated, although it still functions.

Plugin Organiser uses javascript to group plugins so underlying plugin data is untouched and safe.

Plugin Tags je baš dobar ali ima i par nelogičnosti i napomena: pinning tag znači da se dodaje grupacija na list view, boja je samo za plugin a ne za tag.

Hiding Plugins

It seems like almost every advanced admin customizer has this option added so I don’t think there is a need for a separate plugin. Customizers that offer this functionality are WP Custom Admin Interface, Admin Menu Editor and Plugin Manager aka Plugin Grouper, for example.

Hide Plugins works perfectly. You can’t hide mu-plugins, but that’s also impossible in other plugins. I am using this one, but only for not-really-scary plugins ;) For scary plugins, I’l use Admin Menu Editor.

Tiny but extremely useful plugins

Enhanced Plugin Admin prikazuje extra information about last update and similar data, and iako je vrlo sličan sa ostalim pluginovima, ovaj mi se nekako najviše sviđa. Poseduje i predivnu opciju “Hide this plugins update notifications” sa kojom možeš da hide (disable) individual plugin update notifications.

Plugins Condition is a cute plugin that shows when plugins were last updated by a beloved Japanese minimalist.

Plugins Page Tweaker (ex name Plugins Page Customize) takođe pruža razne dodatne informacije i solidan je - button delete the plugin, plugins icon column, plugin changelog, sort plugins to active first, change auto-update column to checkbox, for git plugins: check and branch

Download Plugin is a great plugin if you want to download any plugin from the Admin Plugins page. Similarly, Download Theme is the same, but for themes. There is a third plugin, Download Plugins and Themes from Dashboard, that combines the functionality of the previous two in one plugin, ali još bolji je i WP Anything Downloader

Miscellaneous Plugins

Some plugins I’ve tried but didn’t find useful.

Grouper is a simple plugin that groups the links of the same author - exact plugin author - in the Admin menu. It doesn’t serve any other purpose and is not useful for me.

Plugin Activation Info

Previše jednostavno: Plugin Activation Date Nije loš: Plugin Activation Tracker ali previše bloatuje table.

Every time when we activate/deactivate any plugin, WP runs an action that saves the fresh list of plugins to the database. We can hook into that action and filter the list of the plugins as we want. Solving Plugin Dependencies in WordPress

Smarter way to activate/deactivate plugins

activate plugins, debug plugins, toggle plugins, disable plugins

The most advanced option is “Bulk Deactivate”.

Meks Quick Plugin Disabler is used to temporarily disable all active plugins and restore them again, using the simplest button code among plugin list that will remember the disabled plugins and can reactivate them in the same way.

The Plugins Deactivator is identical to the previous one, but it is not updated as regularly.

Conflict Finder is a plugin that allows you to toggle the activation of plugins. It is similar to the previous two tools mentioned. Additionally, it has the ability to toggle the DEBUG_LOG variable and provide a basic view of the debug.log file.

The Bulk Deactivate plugin, which can be found in the ejntaylor/bulk-deactivate repository, is a highly advanced tool in its category. It offers a unique interface with two distinct sides: “left” and “right”. One notable advantage of this plugin is its ability to display a list of deactivated plugins. This allows for easy reactivation on an individual basis, a feature that is not commonly found in other plugins. For a more detailed review, please take a look at the article Bulk Deactivate: A New WordPress Plugin Debugging Tool. However, one drawback is that it appears to be neglected and doesn’t have a large user base.

Dva odlična mala plugina:

Display Active Plugins First Sort Recently Active Plugins

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