Vagrant / Development Environment

Vagrant / Development Environment

A must read: :: Vagrant Virtualised Dev Environments - Nefarious Designs

Vagrant: configuring virtual development environments :: Vagrant - Virtualized development for the masses.

It can be considered a wrapper around VirtualBox and configuration management software such as Chef and Puppet
The goal is that a user can simply grab the code base and type a single command: vagrant up :: Creating a virtual server with Vagrant: a practical walkthrough | Web Builder Zone :: Using an Existing Vagrant Setup for PHP Development | LornaJane :: Saving the environment with Vagrant - Binary Thoughts :: Using Vagrant as a Team

Templates: :: A list of base boxes for Vagrant - :: Available Vagrant Boxes · mitchellh/vagrant Wiki :: tdegrunt/vagrant-chef-starter · GitHub


FreeBSD Template: :: fbsd-vagrant-box | Free software downloads at
And you will need: :: Vagrant - Documentation - Base Boxes

Puppet Manifests: :: nefarioustim/puppet-manifests

Chef Cookbooks :: opscode-cookbooks (Opscode Public Cookbooks)

Tricks: :: virtual machine - vagrant box add: where does .box file get downloaded to? - Stack Overflow

Easy way to perform integration testing through a browser for your web applications :: Capybara and Selenium with Vagrant -

Usage – Sublime SFTP – wbond - Sublime Text 2 Code Folding | Wes Bos - Sublime Text Build Scripts: CoffeeScript & Node.js | Wes Bos - Justin Carmony: Vagrant & PHP: Our Success Story at the Deseret News - Repeating Beats - Vagrant: What, Why, and How | Nettuts+ - Question - Opscode Community - Using an Existing Vagrant Setup for PHP Development | LornaJane -

Great series: [Category: DevOps Toolbox]( toolbox/)

So, to be pedantic: Vagrant runs fine within Vagrant, but VirtualBox does not like to run within VirtualBox.

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