Plugin: Cleanup Database

Plugin: Cleanup Database

Essential WordPress Tips To Help Optimise And Cleanup Database

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Database Clean Up


Ono što podrazumevamo pod “cleanup” je: Remove post revisions, remove unused database options, remove expired, transient options, optimize tables, etc.

  • My selected champion is WP-Sweep, from a recognized plugin developer. I really do like this plugin as it is simple and efficient - exactly what is needed. For more info, read a very good review here

  • WP-Optimize is quite similar to a WP-Sweep, but I do like more the WP-Sweep as it shows the details about what it will clean. This one also supports scheduled cleanups.

Unfortunately, by default inside WP, expired entries will only be deleted if you attempt to access the that exact transient again. To je razlog zašto expired transients ostaju večno u bazi i zagađuju je.

Plugin - Optimize wp_options

Really advanced idea how to remove unneeded options is explained here.

  • Tweak Option
    Perfect! This one has it all. Simple and efficient. You can edit as well as delete options and there is search functionality. Autoloading is indicated, also.

  • Option Inspector
    Also very good. Has it everything + very nice visualization of serialized data. Autoload flag is not displayed in main table, and overall - design is a bit rough. Close second.

Above two are good enough.

  • Part of Wordpress Core is /wp-admin/options.php page. There are a lot of plugins that create a link to that page in dashboard.

  • WP Options Editor All the options editing (click on value) and removing. Too ambitious for me.

  • Options Pixie No way to edit or delete options - there is paid version for that. But other than that, it’s written as it should be.

  • Clean Options is the oldest and not maintained anymore.

  • Options View od mog omiljenog Japanskog autora minimaliste

Manual Cleanup

Plugin bi po pravilu trebao da ima načina da očisti sve što je on upisivao u bazu, a naročito ako je pravio nove tabele. Međutim, mnogi pluginovi to ne rade. Osim toga, te zaostale tabele se mogu pojaviti i ako plugin nije regularno deinstaliran, već je samo obrisan kroz FTP.

Nravno, moguće je ručno ukloniti tabele koje remove plugin residues in database, ali treba znati koje su tabele od kog plugina.

Ovde ću navest spisak tabela koje sam ja otkrio a ne znam da li su ovi pluginovi na nekom javnom spisku:

# WP Wizard Cloak (pmlc_*)
DROP TABLE wp_gdsr_*;

# GD Star Rating (gdsr_*)
DROP TABLE wp_gdsr_*;

Database Reset

Ustvari, ovo je odlična ideja. Ovi pluginovi allows you to reset the database - all tables or the only ones that you choose, back to its default values. Ustvari, ovo je običan truncate za već poznate tabele.

What plugin uses what table?

Fascinating list of database tables:

from plugin WP-Optimize wpo-plugins-tables-list.json I think it’s this:

List of tables that various plugins are creating. Security Issue |

Plugins Garbage Collector (Database Cleanup) je baš odličan, i radi po onom spisku iz fajla.

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