IP Camera Tools

IP Camera Tools

Show IP Camera on the TV

The coolest way to show off your Dahua NVR or any other IP cameras on your TV screen

Phones and TVs

TinyCam Monitor Pro

tinyCam Monitor Pro is absolutely awesome and works like a charm.

You can easily set up TinyCam on your TV in your HA home automation, as explained here: Integrating NVIDIA Shield with Home Assistant

tinyCam Monitor PRO is the way to go if you want to view your surveillance IP cameras on Android TV, while the free version is only available on phones. The paid version also works on Smart TVs and has awesome features like A.I. object detection, face detection, motion detection, Tasker automation, sync settings via Cloud services, and really all the bells and whistles.


As a less-than-ideal alternative, there is Onvier as it’s just a smidge worse than the tinyCam option.

On Desktop

Turns out, there’s not a lot classic native desktop apps for checking out surveillance IP cameras.


The closest you can get is IP CENTCOM. It’s a Windows application from the same company that makes Onvier, IP Camera Central Command. You can install it the fastest by typing winget install --id=9NBLGGH2SJQG -e into your command line.

Frigate NVR

Frigate NVR is the new champion, especially because of its tight integration with Home Assistant and its unreal AI object detection. It runs on a Rpi3, but in realitry requires a Google Coral.ai Accelerator for full power.

Agent DVR / iSpy

iSpy | ispysoftware/iSpy was really open-source while it lasted and was pure desktop native application written in C. It’s now been deprecated and replaced by Agent DVR, which isn’t open-source, but it’s free for personal local use. Agent DVR runs as a service and can be accessed through a web browser at http://localhost:8090. As usual these days, it’s a hefty 190Mb in size, but it has a solid UI. Plus, its integration with HA, Agent DVR Integration, is great. As much as I love native apps, I must admit this one is really well written and works quite well.

What I don’t like is that I wanted a native desktop app and Agent DVR is best to be put onto RPi3. Also, Uuninstalling Agent DVR is a bit wild and it’s explained here: Agent DVR Userguide, but in short:

  1. Stop and remove the service named “Agent” using GUI or by simply typing sc.exe stop Agent; sc.exe delete Agent or by runing agent-uninstall-service.bat from C:\Program Files\Agent
  2. Simply delete the whole C:\Program Files\Agent folder, since it is a portable application and it doesn’t install into the add/remove programs list in Windows.


Shinobi | moeiscool.github.io/Shinobi/ is the real deal open-source, and is often mentioned in positive tone among users.


  • Ambianic has “person fall detection and alerting”, but it’s definitely unfinished as “lorem ipsum” in all over their website.

  • ContaCam is open-source

  • Yawcam is free, written in Java

  • Blue Iris Software is a serious product, but it ain’t free

  • Sighthound Video looks solid, but it ain’t free either

Dahua Camera Integration

rroller/dahua: Dahua Camera and Doorbell Home Assistant Integration

Dahua Kamere, model IPC-HDW1230S-0280B-S5: Dahua DVR: XVR5108HS-X

Stream on DVR:


RTSP URL address format for Dahua devices DahuaWiki

WebRTC is even better

AlexxIT/WebRTC: Home Assistant custom component for viewing almost any camera stream in real time using WebRTC and other technologies. How to get lag-free video in the Home Assistant dashboard

type: 'custom:webrtc-camera'
url: 'rtsp://<user>:<pass>@'

Sunluxy IP Camera

Model: Sunluxy BT466, 720P IP Camera Exact features: 1MP HD 720P, H.264, Two-way audio monitoring, IR-cut Night Vision, Local storage on MicroSD, ONVIF 2.0 protocol Specs: https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32791553209.html Max Resolution 1280 x 720 at max 15fps

Where I found links: https://www.ispyconnect.com/camera/sunluxy https://camlytics.com/camera/sunluxy https://learncctv.com/ip-camera-rtsp-url-list-for-blue-iris-and-other-software/

RTSP stream works with the following url: rtsp://192.168.0.X/onvif1

Open ports: 8008 8009 9000 8443 Onvif services are on port: 192.168.0.X:5000

ONVIF 2.0?  This camera is mistakenly advertised as ONVIF 2.0 compliant, but its implementation is way too incomplete to work with Synology Surveillance Station. The Onvif Device Manager detects the camera but fails to read the complete profile. So it seems there’s been some (aborted) efforts in that direction at least.

By default the RTSP port is usually 554, the HTTP/ONVIF port is 80 or 8080, and the HTTPS/ONVIF port is 443. The default port for ONVIF is 8000. 

Tool that is working:

Onvier found everything by company: IP Camera Central Command that has also Windows version: IP CENTCOM - Microsoft Store Apps

Interesting URL’s to explore:

192.168.0.X:5000/onvif/ptz_service 192.168.0.X:5000/onvif/device_service

Skoro sam siguran da je firma bila Shenzhen Sirian Technology Co., Ltd. koja se sad zove Sricam, Shenzhen Sricctv Technology Co., Ltd

Originalna aplikacija: SUNLUXY Tako da je ispalo da radi i: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xapcamera&hl=en&gl=US I u njemu je bio i Device update a promenio sam i šifru na “dvaput-kuma”

Tačan model je Sricam SP012:

Video chipset GM8135S

rtsp://ipcam:554/onvif1 for HD (1280 x 738) rtsp://ipcam:554/onvif2 for low resolution (320 x 194) ptz control http://ip-cam-address:5000/onvif/

The Sricam app is the main user interface for the camera since it has no web server. The services available are UPnP/5000 and RTSP/554 only. Onvif compliant viewers can detect the SP012 on the port 5000.

How to setup the Sricam SP012 720P H.264 WIFI Wirelss Indoor Budget Camera (complete setup!) - YouTube

Tools that work:

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