Exoscale Cloud

Exoscale Cloud

Exoscale CLI tool on Native Windows

Download cli_xxx_windows_amd64.zip from releases and extract exo.exe from zip into c:\bin\exoscale\

Open the command-line shell (cmd.exe) and type the following commands

mkdir \bin\exoscale
setx path "%path%;c:\bin\exoscale;"

Invoking setx can lead to error involving size limit and thus truncating your environment variable. I suggest using a special tool for manipulating Windows PATH variables, like pathed or RapidEE.

Prepare an exo tool and configuration

Install Exoscale’s command-line tool exo on Linux or WSL2:

curl --silent https://git.io/JemjD | sudo bash

URL’s are git.io shortened, but the best way is to use it with curl like this so you can create custom URLs:

curl -i https://git.io -F "url=$U" -F "code=wslkubectl" 2>&1 | grep Location
# will get you something like https://git.io/wslkubectl

Configure it with:

exo config

You will need some data from their Exoscale Web Console: Account » API keys

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