SSHFS - Solutions to mount drive over SSH

SSHFS - Solutions to mount drive over SSH

WebDrive if extremly big. And needs to restart. But it works very fast. Has a problem by not supporting public-key authentication. C’mon, you stupid.

It’s amazingly fast and has all the detailed settings. Settings for the public-key authentication are incredibly unintuitive. And you need both public and private key + some stupid password for WebDrive only. Never mind - just remember it’s incredibly blunt.

Researched solutions were

Looked like very good, at the beginning. It is also based on Dokan, like Win-sshfs, but it’s only FTP. But it’s very fast, really. And works everywhere.

Mount:   ftpuse Z: password /USER:ft2_zteatar
Unmount: ftpuse Z: /delete

Problem with him was - after 10 minutes of usage - was really not very reliable. Messing something with files. And too slow to work with in Sublime Text.

SFTP Net Drive by Eldos
It’s ok. It’s working. Not perfect, but working. Slow for me.

Works for both SFTP and FTP. Looks slow to me. And it looks like they are using everything from Eldos company (SFTP Net Drive)

Win-SSHFS SSH(SFTP) filesystem for Windows. Sadly, I couldn’t make it work - not working for me

FTP Drive
Work-able, but only in Total Commander, not in Explorer? And it’s not SFTP.

It should support SFTP. But, it can’t assign drive letter - not really the same thing. And it’s extremely slow.

Is very good freeware with SFTP support. I couldn’t make it mount as a drive. Though it is fast, and good.

date 05. Apr 2013 | modified 13. May 2024
filename: SSHFS - Solutions to mount drive over SSH