Plugins: Sideload Images

Plugins: Sideload Images

plugins to cache external images, localize remote images

Here is my research on available plugins that are able to cache external images locally, and do that automatically; so called, sideload external images or local image caching.

In the following articles, here and here a lot of old plugins have been listed.

But the only ones from that list that are still maintained are:

By digging deeper into’s plugins repository, I found more plugins that are still actively maintained:

This plugins is not for that exact purpose, but a helper when editing to import image from some external site:

Sideload images

WordPress: Import Images From Another Website - HtmlCenter Blog

This plugin localy caches images also, so steal from it: Content Cards Content Card images are now cached in Media Library.


Reverse of that?

Ovo je idealno kada distribuiraš pattern ili slično, pošto ustvari nema slika u library, ali kao da ima.

Kod kojim to mogu postići, jednostavno:

Upload a file from a URL to the WordPress media gallery. Supports images, PDFs, and other file types. a ima za lokalni fajl, sa diska: Upload a local file as a WordPress attachment, placing it in the Media library. Supports images, PDFs, and other file types.

Ustvari, WP ima već dosta toga ugrađeno, pogledaj samo: wp_handle_sideload(), media_handle_sideload(), download_url() i slično

LH Cache Remote Images

Sideload images

Archivarix External Images Importer

I jedan koji je još uvek ažuran: Cache Images by Matt Mullenweg

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