Cloud Storage Providers

Cloud Storage Providers

Object Storage, S3 Compatible

Storj used to provide 25GB per month for free, but it was discontinued in Feb 2024 - Storj Free Tier Discontinuation

S3 Clients

Rclone je za Sync cross-platform

Mac ima razne S3 Folder Sync Tool - Synchronize Folders and Files from Local Drive to Amazon S3 and Vise Versa. File and Folder Sync to and from Amazon S3. Folder Sync Tool for Windows.

Block Storage

Personal Storage


Cloud Storage Management Service, Multi-cloud Management Service

MultCloud for free, bandwidth 5GB/m free data traffic per month, što je sasvim dovoljno. Dobro je da podržava gomilu, over 30 cloud services, među kojima je i Google Photos.

CBackup služi za kombinovanje svih drugi cloud, ali je samo desktop client. Osim toga, daje svojih 10G i generalno druge restrikcije nisu velike. Najveći problem je restrikcija na bandwidth od samo 1GB/m data traffic. To je tragično malo.

Koofr + njihovih 10GB of free + 2 external cloud connections (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive) and rclone support it. Daleko najbolje softverski izgledaju a i najviše nude, a pored toga su i Slovenia.

Odrive has no free plan

Personal Cloud

Bez dileme da je ovaj genuine za sada: TeraBox 1TB i kao da nema fora? Valjda zapadnjaci zaziru jer it used to be Dubox, and they stored data in the Chinese and Hong Kong servers. Sve je ok, samo je spor i “clunky apps” - terabox is good, not a scam, works as advertised, from 2 years experience i trust it - 1TB free cloud storage offered by TeraBox is definitely not legit, right? Wondering if rclone can be used with it on desktop if it’s legit : DataHoarder

after creating a new account you are forced to refer Terabox to another person before you can get the 1tb benefits Just in case you’re on the computer, you need to claim the TB from the Terabox app on your phone (there’s a banner there, where you redeem the TB). I invited a friend and was waiting for it for two days, and then I installed the app and found the option to redeem the TB.

drugi neki: Do not use terabox. You will lose your videos and photos. I archived some videos to terabox and their download feature rarely works. I’m unable to transfer anything from terabox back onto my phone. They’re not stuck on terabox forever

being throttled so hard means youll never reach 1tb

Pravi odgovor: Terabox is rebranded from Dubox, which is a subsidiary of Baidu Pan (百度网盘). Baidu Pan is a widely used cloud storage in China. Initially Baidu Pan gains its growth by offering free 1TB space just like Terabox. They don’t limit the upload speed, but after they gained enough users, they started throttle down the download speed to 100kbps, unless you subscribe to their premium plan.

Then more interesting thing comes, after a while they throttle the “premium” users again, and published a “premium lvl2” plan, forcing users to upgrade or be left with 100 kbps bandwidth.

TeraBox was recently rebranded from Dubox which is an overseas version of Baidu Netdisk, launched by PopIn, a Japanese subsidiary of Baidu. Now it’s run by a Japanese company Flextech, but it’s obviously a shell company as they have literally no information on their website or anywhere else.

1TB free cloud storage might be legit though I see some people on Twitter complaining its download speed is extremely low while upload speed is fine so it’s most likely unusable.

Also they don’t provide a desktop app or API and I don’t think you can use rclone.

Degoo Cloud 20G, removed after 90 days account inactivity, znači nije strašno Blomp 20G, something after 30 days? LetsUpload Unlimited Cloud Storage, expire after 30 days ustvari nije free nimalo.

Odličan tekst: 20 Best Free Cloud Storage Services for Backup in 2023

Tools for Photo Sync

PhotoSync – Photo Transfer and Backup App | For iOS & Android - PhotoSync je lifetime i nije skup. Kupljeno!

Self-Hosted Photo Storage

Možda koristiti MultCloud + Google Photos?

PhotoPrism Immich LibrePhotos Lychee Piwigo Chevereto

5 Self Hosted Photo Gallery Apps

PhotoPrism ume da koristi Dropbox client kao “prikupljača” fotografija. Naime, Dropbox with PhotoPrism će da uploaduje fotke sa telefona, a Prism će da ih importuje kod sebe i odmah da ih briše sa Dropbox-a. Savršeno!

Dakle, nije mi neophodan ni Photosync, ali sam ga svejedno kupio jer nije skup.

Takođe, PhotoPrism ume da radi rekompresiju i convert to Jpeg, tako da će sve to zauzimati mnogo manje mesta.

RaiDrive je Windows only ali je upotrebliv i u free verziji.

Šta je stvarno besplatno u hostingu i cloudu


Šta je always-free a worth mentioning.

Static site hosting:, Netlify

Compute VM: Oracle: 4 Arm-based VMs: 24 GB RAM total, 2 Block Volumes Storage, 200 GB total some tiny machine some tiny machine

Storage S3: Scaleway: 75GB block storage (S3-compatible API) Not anymore, typical scaleway. below is the part of the BS email I got. On December 1st 2023, we’re phasing out the free tier on storage classes in all regions.

Cloudflare R2 is S3-compatible object storage that has 10G forever free

Keybase has 250GB for free, not accessible via rclone, but decently mountable from anything including VPSes

  • Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage space forever.
  • Mega provides 20 GB of free storage space indefinitely, with limit of 5 GB per day.
  • pCloud offers a free plan with 10 GB of storage space that lasts forever, with file size limit of 2 GB
  • Yandex Disk provides 10 GB of free storage space that lasts indefinitely.
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage offers a “Lite” plan with 25 GB of free storage and 5 GB of monthly network traffic.
  • Oracle Cloud offers a “Always Free” tier that includes 20 GB of free object storage and 10 GB of free archive storage.
  • Cloudflare R2: 10 GB free storage and 10 GB monthly egress bandwidth, indefinitely.
  • Keybase: 250 GB free encrypted storage, forever, but not directly supported by Rclone.
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