Windows: Searching for files

Windows: Searching for files

Locate files

I have made the decision to use WizFile in Windows and fzf for command-line


My favorite tool used to be SwiftSearch, which is great for searching NTFS drives in real-time. However, the main problem with it is that it’s not available on scoop, which makes installation a hassle.

I’ve been looking for an alternative that I can install with one scoop command and have found something that’s not perfect, but good enough.

scoop install everything wizfile fzf.

I want to note that I haven’t included tools that resemble “grep” and search the contents of files. There are plenty of those available, many with great UI, and almost all of them can be found on scoop, but I’ll skip that topic for now.


Without a doubt, the most well-known tool is Everything. Although it is not open-source, it is completely free of charge, which is why it is so popular. Overall, it is a solid tool, but personally, it doesn’t quite align with my preferences.

What I dislike about it is that it creates an index and tries to run constantly in the background, even though NTFS search is already quite fast. I prefer not having anything resident. This is actually why I did not originally favor it.

When it comes to searching for contents within files, like grep, it does support it but it is extremely slow, as expected, as it does not create an index for it. I really do not see the need for creating an index at all.


Wizfile is a almost perfect SwiftSearch alternative available in scoop. I don’t like that it has quite prominent donation-nag in the corner, but it’s manageable. It tries to be a bit more persistent by tracking changes on the disk, but it doesn’t create an index, so being resident isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I think this is the best alternative I’ve found.


Fzf is a command-line fuzzy finder and it’s amazing. Its unique feature is its “fuzzy matching” capability, which allows users to search for items using incomplete or partially spelled words. It lacks a GUI, but it’s still very solid and I consider it a good alternative to SwiftSearch.


Great alternatives but not available on scoop:

  • Locate32 looks like exactly what I need, but since it was last updated in 2012, it’s not an option.
  • UltraSearch is also exactly what I want, but it’s not available on scoop and it’s not open-source, so I don’t see a reason to switch from SwiftSearch - so it’s not an option.
  • The tool searchmyfiles as part of nirtools is in one of the official scoop buckets (but not the main ones). It reported an error during installation, so I had to skip it.
date 04. Jan 2022 | modified 17. Jan 2023
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