WooCommerce - Scaling

WooCommerce - Scaling

How big a store can be?

Case studies of big sites:

  • Here is the site similar to ours using WooThemes Superstore theme.

  • They faced similar problems to ours had this 34000+ products bookstore You can learn a lot from this insightful case study They are using some theme named Bazar, maybe in-house developed.

  • This online shop of illustrations is offering over 25K products using Avada theme. Excerpts from a case study about that process:

    • The actual shop was done in an hour. After that came the adaptation of the themes to suit our specific requirements. That took about three months.

    • We use the WP All Import Pro plugin plus the associated WooCommerce extension.

    • Top three tips:

      1. Choose a theme that will definitely work well with WooCommerce. Choose Genesis framework.
      2. Use no more than five! products for your import testing
      3. Go live with a small number of products. The worst errors and best ideas happen only after customers start using the shop for real.
  • Example of integrating Woocommerce with diamond data has around 50K records.

  • This site also hosts It is using Canvas theme from Woothemes.

Some important suggestions:

  • Optimization including use ElasticSearch for search page and product filter, Redis for WooCommerce session storage etc.

    We have 1 web server (c1.xlarge) and 1 database (m1.xlarge). We made a lot of optimization in our theme, but didn’t hardcode any thing in WooCommerce, so yes, if you have the skill and time, WooCommerce can handle quite a lot of traffic.

Selecting a theme

To make it on to the WordPress.org theme repository the theme is required to go through a rigorous review process.

Theme design

Usage of framework?

There are a lot of articles about it, official Codex,

Lot of them suggest that Genesis and Thesis frameworks are optimized for site speed.

  • Underscores is Automattic’s framework (Automattic/_s) used on every Wordpress.com theme and also on Wootheme’s Storefront theme.

  • Genesis is a minimal WordPress framework from StudioPress. Genesis Connect Envy is one interesting and simple theme for Genesis & Woocommerce.

    W3 Total Cache includes fragment caching support for specific theme frameworks (currently Genesis framework).

    150+ Best Genesis Child themes for 2015 - sourcewp

  • Canvas is framework (theme) from WooThemes, also called WooFramework Canvas

Possible future additions

Woothemes Storefront

Blog posts about Storefront Storefront video tutorials

Theme publishers

Recommendations for Woocommerce Theme

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