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AI Client Applications and SaaS Playgrounds

Send-To-All Function

I need a tool that can send messages simultaneously to all models, allowing me to gradually determine which one is best suited for each task, especially when it comes to programming.


So far I only know of one Chrome-only extension called ChatHub, which is an open-source client at repo chathub-dev/chathub. It’s excellent because it provides prompts, model comparison, and it’s cost-effective. It offers a convenient “copy to markdown” feature and its user interface is responsive. It doesn’t currently support Prompt Templates, although I have submitted a request for it. You can share your work on ShareGPT with just one step.

Browser Integrated


It works on both Firefox and Chrome, and it’s fantastic. You can find it on josStorer/chatGPTBox and it supports all the latest models.

Command Prompt
Ask Reply in {preferredLanguage}. Analyze the following content and express your opinion, or give your answer: {selection}
Code Explain Reply in {preferredLanguage}. Explain the following code: {selection}
Divide Paragraphs Divide the following into paragraphs that are easy to read and understand: {selection}
Polish Check the following content for possible diction and grammar problems, and polish it carefully: {selection},
Sentiment Analysis Reply in {preferredLanguage}. Analyze the sentiments expressed in the following content and make a brief summary of the sentiments: {selection}
Summary Reply in {preferredLanguage}. Summarize the following as concisely as possible: {selection}
Translate Translate the following into {preferredLanguage} and only show me the translated content: {selection}
Translate (Bidirectional) Translate the following into {preferredLanguage} and only show me the translated content. If it is already in {preferredLanguage}, translate it into English and only show me the translated content: {selection}
Translate (To English) Translate the following into English and only show me the translated content: {selection}

The same author came up with an excellent idea. Woow! Check out josStorer/selfhostedAI collection of one-click self-hosted AI. You can start with OpenAI API and then switch to any other platform of your choice.


writeGPT - OpenAI’s GPT prompt assistant nije loša sa malo “šarenim” UI


TypingMind ima gomilu mogućnosti Features ali nije besplatan i nema Claude niti nešto drugo. Prompt templates odlično radi.


FlexGPT je komercijalni servis.

Poe by Quora


A quora ima svoj model: Sage by Poe Good in languages other than English, and also in programming-related tasks. Powered by gpt-3.5-turbo.

Zašto Poe?

Cross-platform sync: Poe syncs your chats in real time across platforms, so you can start a conversation on desktop and continue it on iOS. We are also in the process of building a mobile web interface and an Android application so you will soon be able to do this across all platforms.

Claude: Poe is the only consumer product providing access to Claude, a state-of-the-art language model with significantly different strengths and weaknesses compared to ChatGPT.

Extenzije koje pravilno podržavaju Prompt Templates

ChatGPT Prompt Plus

ChatGPT Prompt Plus je odlična extensija sa templates, variables ali i dataset! dok je UI vrlo dobro uklopljen u chat. Jedino loše je što je chrome-only i što nema nikakav login nego se sve pamti u local storage, pa i nije baš sigurno.


PromptGPT: Discover Prompts and Chats for ChatGPT sa Chrome-only extenzijom PromptGPT: Prompts for ChatGPT i koliko god dobro izgledala, meni na Chrome nije radila :(

saeedezzati/superpower-chatgpt: Superpower plugin for ChatGPT benf2004/ChatGPT-Prompt-Genius: Multi-purpose ChatGPT Chrome Extension Merlin | One-click access to ChatGPT /GPT-4 on all Websites

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