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Symfony …

Symfony CI/CD

Setting up Symfony continuous integration using GitLab CI/CD

Jenkins & Symfony

Sadly, I cannot recommend k8s for local development:

Woow: wuestkamp/kubernetes-local-dev: Symfony4 Kubernetes Local Development Environment All the parts are there Part 0: Kubernetes Local Development Solutions - Kubernetes Local Development Environment - Medium Part 1: Symfony4 Kubernetes Local Development Environment #1 Simple Construct

Solution 2: Compose and Kubernetes This is common approach. First we describe our infrastructure locally using Compose and start development. Once we feel ready we describe the infrastructure for Kubernetes and deploy. There are some good tools for automatic conversion like Kompose (from Kubernetes) and compose-on-kubernetes (from Docker).

Kako hostuju WP, slično ide i Symfony - jedan grafikon: Enterprise WordPress Hosting - Scalable & High Availability

Jelastic Laravel example is similar to Symfony with explained CI/CD Development Pipeline using Jelastic Deploy from Git/SVN Add-In

Symfony Deployment

How to Deploy a Symfony Application (Symfony Docs) How to Master and Create new Environments (Symfony 4.1 Docs) Installing & Setting up the Symfony Framework (Symfony 4.4 Docs)

How to dockerize a Symfony application

GitHub - joeymasip/docker-symfony4: Docker environment for a Symfony4 project GitHub - eko/docker-symfony: Run a Symfony application using Docker & docker-compose Symfony 4 Running on Docker Compose - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻 How to dockerise a Symfony 4 project ? The perfect kit starter for a Symfony 4 project with Docker and PHP 7.2 Docker for Symfony 4 – Joey’s blog

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