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Compile: 1. Install Windows 6.1 SDK (Change install dir to Program Files (x86)) 2. 1. Install Visual Studio 2008 C++ (Express Edition) 3. Execute patch: setup_x64.bat from :: VC++ 2008 Express :: Compiling for 64-bit with VC++ 2008 Express 4. Fix Windows 6.1 SDK Locations (variables), as in: In regedit, search for: “CurrentInstallFolder”

       HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SDKs\Windows

       HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Microsoft SDKs\Windows
       or HKEY_CURRENT_USER (same key)

   Or just uninstall Microsoft Windows SDK for Visual Studio 2008 (Three Items) :: windows sdk - WindowsSdkDir is not set correctly in Visual Studio 2010 - Stack Overflow :: Visual Studio: Fixing Broken $(WindowsSdkDir) Variable | Helge Klein | Home of SetACL

5. Download x64 Build Dependencies:

IMPORTANT - Start: :: tommy montgomery // blargh :: PHP: internals:windows:stepbystepbuild [PHP Wiki] :: PHP: internals:windows:windowssdk [PHP Wiki] :: PHP: internals:windows:compiler [PHP Wiki] :: PHP: internals:windows:libs [PHP Wiki]
  1. Start CMD Shell from Microsoft Windows SDK v6.1

  2. setenv /x64 /2008 /release cd \php64\php-5.4.5 path = %PATH%;c:\php64\deps\bin “c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\bin\vcvars64.bat” svn checkout pecl/runkit buildconf cscript /nologo configure.js –with-php-build=c:\php64\deps –enable-runkit=shared

    Ustvari: cscript ./configure.js –disable-all –enable-runkit=shared

  3. cscript /nologo configure.js –with-php-build=c:\php64\deps :: Compiling PHP On Windows - General Documentation - Flourish :: Win64Compilation - Httpd Wiki :: Compile php5apache2_4.dll | Ava Pug’s Webspace For Crap

    Needed: » Visual Studio 2008 Express | Microsoft Visual Studio

    Tricks: Installing the 6.1 SDK before installing VC9SP1 is the recommended route :: PHP: internals:windows:windowssdk [PHP Wiki] :: PHP: Building from source - Manual

  • What’s the difference between thread-safe and non-thread-safe? The non-thread-safe version of PHP should be used when there is a single request per instance of PHP–like, when you use FastCGI—a single PHP-CGI.EXE handles a single request at a time, and the Web Server spins off multiple instances of PHP-CGI.EXE to handle requests in parallel. Because each instance is in a separate process, there is no need to have all the thread-safety code in PHP.

    The thread-safe version is required when you use PHP as a module—as you would in Apache on Windows—and the WebServer handles multiple requests in the same process. :: PHP on Windows Optimized build—Thread Safe version too! - FearTheCowboy -FearTheCowboy » PECL Binaries on Windows | hakre on wordpress » zenovich/runkit · GitHub » php5 - how can I install/compile PHP extension on windows - Stack Overflow » PHP: internals:windows:stepbystepbuild [PHP Wiki] » PHP: Building from source - Manual » PHP: Installation of extensions on Windows - Manual » PHP: Building from source - Manual » tommy montgomery // blargh » Free Developer Tools - Visual Studio 2010 Express | Microsoft Visual Studio » Apache :: PHP 5.4.3 - NTS - win64 - VC10 version? » Setting up PHP build environment on Windows « Kanwaljeet Singla » Adding a PECL extension to your PHP build environment « Kanwaljeet Singla » PHP: internals:windows:stepbystepbuild [PHP Wiki]

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