React Learning Resources

I’ve registered cvladan & meritplanhr on every course They should be available for 1 year after purchase.

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React Learning Resources

Free Coding Bootcamps: The Best No-Cost Coding Programs | Career Karma

GitHub Student Developer Pack - GitHub Education

Pirated downloads in Google Drive: React.js @

TwilioQuest - Discover your power to change the world with code.

My profiles

My public profiles: Pluralsight | Codecademy | Skillshare Vladan (mostly inactive profiles): Pluralsight (no account) | Codecademy (changeable name & username) | | Coursera; free for everybody

Free for 6 months - Become a Front-End Developer

Learning Sites

In my order of quality

1. Frontend Masters; 6 months free

6 months free membership by enrolling on GitHub Student Developer Pack; subscribed for free from May 2020 to Oct 2020

  • Content Type: Only IT; Front-end focused
  • Level 1 Learning Experience: Video only

Frontend Masters courses definitely skew toward intermediate/advanced, and they are almost wholly focused on the JavaScript ecosystem. Almost all the teachers are senior devs at leading companies, so their workflows and techniques are very much based in that production mindset.

Some of the courses (less than one third) are available also on Pluralsight, but none of the new ones.

Notable Instructors: Mike North, Brian Holt and Kyle Simpson Notable Courses: Kyle Simpson’s course on advanced JavaScript

2. Pluralsight; 10 days free

10 days free trial; used free 1 Covid month in April 2020

  • Content Type: IT + solid selection on management and Agile courses
3. Codecademy; free 3 months

free 3 months from May to July 2020 as support people impacted by COVID-19

  • Level 2 Learning Experience: Video and Interactive questions

Good entry-level coding website for the language modules it offers; for those on a budget looking to develop the basic skills

Notable Courses: 3-4 React courses

4.; lot of free community courses

Some legendary courses by Dan Abramov are free Community courses are completely free as they are sponsored.

Notable Courses: any by Dan Abramov

Useful for mid-level developers; Off the bat I’ll say that Pluralsight has way more depth / options for a comparable price Egghead Courses Review


In december 2019, acquired by DigitalOcean, so that’s why all the content is free to everyone

Lot of outdated courses, lots of basic courses, but some can be worth watching:

6. Scrimba; all courses are free; bootcamps are not

There are mostly free courses; around 90% of them but bootcamps are paid but not expensive. With bootcamps you can reach Professional level of expertise.

  • Level 2 Learning Experience: Video & Interactive screencasts and challenges, but somehow immature

Notable Courses: around 90% of them are free but bootcamps are not

5. Skillshare; 2 months free trial;

Extra: Share 2 free months of Premium with your friends, and earn a free month for each friend once they complete their first full payment.

  • Content Type: Very thin IT = only Web Development; Mostly “Create. Build. Thrive” aka Graphic Design, Animation, Leadership, Lifestyle, Productivity

Notable Courses: Adobe XD?

6. Treehouse; 7 days free trial;
7. Skillcrush; cheap for $699

a online 12-week bootcamp; interesting concept

8. LinkedIn Learning (formerly; 1 month free trial;

“Ye olde” legend;

9. Codeschool; defunct now as acquired by Pluralsight

… but you can still find their courses on Pluralsight.

X. W3Schools has React Tutorial
  • TutsPlus = Envato Tuts+ have lots of free courses Various courses with specifics to include Design & Illustration courses

  • Codementor to find a developer for live 1:1 mentorship & freelance projects. Quite pricey ~ $30/15min

Free Bootcamp

Apply to our course - Founders and Coders You might not need that $15K coding bootcamp

X. Expensive Courses

Suggested courses to attend

Suggestions: Comments on this post


React: Awesome list of resources on Web Development Project based learning: tuvtran/project-based-learning: Curated list of project-based tutorials

Top 25 Websites for You to Learn Coding for Free in 2020

Learn by Doing: The 8 Best Interactive Coding Websites | by Daniel Borowski | Tech x Talent | Medium

Reactive Programming

Youtube videos to watch / Quick Courses to attend

Resources for Javascript & React articles, snippets, tricks and scenarios

Milestone Articles

Deciding on Color palettes:

You can use tools like Smart Swatch ( or Palx ( to generate color hues based on a single color

Odin Project is centered around Ruby/Rails whereas FreeCodeCamp teaches Node.js, so it might actually be confusing to dig into Odin if you’re already deep in FCC. The Odin Project

Although I started with Codecademy, what actually brought programming to life for me was Khan Academy. I’d started Codecademy’s HTML course but dropped it somewhere along the way. When I started Khan Academy’s JavaScript course a couple months later, the concepts started to come together in a way they hadn’t before. It wasn’t just the language change – it was the way the material was presented; Khan Academy takes a very different approach. I recently went back to Codecademy to get back to basics and review JavaScript syntax and fundamentals after spending several months learning Ruby on Rails. It was incredibly beneficial but just not as engaging to me as Khan Academy.

Ima dosta Lesson-a besplatnih, ali Project odnosno Quiz NIKAD nisu besplatni. GitHub - ossu/computer-science: Path to a free self-taught education in Computer Science!

Microsoft je izbacio nodejs kurs, fazon “zero to hero”

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