Comparing Cloud Storages

Comparing Cloud Storages

Don’t mix them. The create problems definitely.

Number of devices

Storage size

  • Google Drive i have forever 19G but GMail takes 10G so more like 9G.
  • OneDrive I have forever 30G, and that should be forever
  • Dropbox i have 35G but 20G Dell will expire (not sure), so really 15G

Deleted files & History

  • Seafile remembers forever, but couldn’t use it as it took ages to display. Probably when Library is so huge.
  • Dropbox remembers only 30 day, more in Business edition.
  • Google Drive has history of 30 days, and searching is rudimentary. Za neke fajlove možeš odrediti da se istorija revizija čuva i neograničeno.
  • OneDrive doesn’t remember history for free
  • Seafile is very good, but not perfect
  • Google Drive searches great, but NOT inside markdown files
  • Dropbox - no. Has full text search only available on Dropbox Business accounts
  • OneDrive search is tragedy

Viewing Markdown Files

  • Seafile is perfect.
  • Google Drive treats .MD files as other documents. So no support.
  • Dropbox has great Markdown preview
  • OneDrive is tragedy, just like Google Drive

Sync Conflicts

  • Seafile conflict: (SFConflict
  • Google Drive Conflict: [Conflict, also duplicated files on some.txt like: some (1).txt, some (2).txt, etc (search for ).)
  • Dropbox Conflict: conflicted copy

But Google Drive creates the most of the conflicts.


  • Dropbox has already disabled my public links. So don’t use them for any pirated content.


  • Treasury (markdown notes): will sync them with Dropbox (preview and good sync), and I will also Bvckup to Seafile & Drive (every 10 minutes) for searching (in Seafile) and history (in Drive).

  • SyncStorage (synced settings and temporary files between two computers), Finance and etc. Everything will still be in Google Drive as version history is quite good and those are not markdown files. I just hope now it will work as it should. And I still use Google Drive the most and images are perfect in it. Also I hope that markdown will be supported in the near future.

  • Projects (or everyting that can contain some documents) usually have .md documents so treat them the same as Treasury (in Dropbox) but backup only to CloudStorage (Seafile) and not to Drive (due the space conciderations)

  • Everything else huge put only in one Seafile library on my server.

  1. No overlapping folders. Use Bvckup for that, if needed.
  2. Use Google Drive for everything except wherever you have markdown files (which is often)

OneDrive up to 5 devices simultaneously, Dropbox 3 devices, ali se 3rd-party client ne računa u taj limit.

  • Both Google Drive and OneDrive ignore full-text search on Markdown .MD files, but both work on .TXT files. Both of them can’t display preview of markdown files.
  • Dropbox box has no full-text search for free.

Tresorit je bilo glavno što je encrypted i što je u Swiss pa je tako zaštićen.

Dropbox as a True Git Server · cat /var/log/life

Search inside PDF: Google Drive, OneDrive, but NOT Dropbox (only premium) Search inside MD: - NOT: OneDrive

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