Plugins: Duplicate Content

Plugins: Duplicate Content

My new favorite is Duplicate Post Page Menu & Custom Post Type

I can’t believe I haven’t made a list of plugins for duplicating content, as I’m almost certain I’ve researched it before.

  • I need the ability to duplicate every post type (pages, posts and any custom post type) along with all additional elements aka meta-fields.
  • It would be also great if the plugin could also duplicate taxonomies, although that’s not as critical since they’re not used as frequently.
  • Ideally, the option to duplicate menus would also be included, but that’s a functionality that many other dedicated plugins already focus on.
  • A special case is the collaboration with multilanguage plugins, namely PolyLang or WPML, as it involves meta-fields and I am not sure how a duplicated article can be translated into another language afterwards.

Once my favorites, now they’re not

Without a doubt, the Duplicate Page is, together with Yoast, the most popular of them all. I have been using it for a long time because it is simple and straightforward. However, it started showing me a strange error, so I started looking for alternatives.

The Yoast Duplicate Post has some advanced options, such as the “Rewrite & Republish” feature, but I find it too complicated and always forget what that option is for - meaning it is not useful to me. Also, many clients dislike Yoast products, so this plugin is not an option for me.

date 12. Jan 2022 | modified 17. Jan 2023
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