Great for sliders, Flickity from Metafizzy

Best slider? Glider.js - A fast, lightweight carousel alternative Carrossel with Glider.js NickPiscitelli/Glider.js: A fast, lightweight, dependency free, native scrolling carousel alternative! glidejs/glide: A dependency-free JavaScript ES6 slider and carousel. It’s lightweight, flexible and fast. Designed to slide. No less, no more

Swiper - The Most Modern Mobile Touch Slider je jedan od novijih i modernijih.

Splide - The lightweight, flexible and accessible slider/carousel

slider is a lightweight content slider library.

kenwheeler/slick.js: the last carousel you’ll ever need, ali dependency je jQuery.

Carousel = Slider with Multiple Items

The Slider displays a single image that can be swiped left or right or automatically. On the other hand, the Carousel consists of multiple smaller images displayed simultaneously, with manual swiping being the most common method, although automatic swiping is also possible at times. Both can have autoplay.

Technique is using CSS Scroll Snap to achieve Javascript-like effect.

evulse/swiped: Lightweight responsive CSS based slider carousel supporting multiple items

Ovo je odličan plugin Simple Carousel Block for Gutenberg od odličnog autora, koji koristti swiper.js, ali nije besplatan i jednostavno košta previše.

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