Public DNS Providers

Public DNS Providers

For every provider I’ve extracted IPv4 addresses for Preferred and Alternate servers and Hostname for TLS authentication (DNS-over-TLS aka DNS-Over-QUIC). By default, TLS Port is 853. This hostname is useful for setting Android “Private DNS” option.

In the end, I found an incredibly high-quality source of information about all Known DNS Providers, maintained by AdGuard DNS, but it is open-source on their GitHub repository: If I had found this earlier, I wouldn’t have even written this document.

Google DNS

Google DNS or |
  • NextDNS is free only up to 300K queries/month.

Cloudflare DNS Public Provider or |


RethinkDNS je kao Dnswarden, samo modernije i tehnološki (Cloudflare Worker and Worker) i sajt.


Dnswarden is the most configurable DNS service and as such, it doesn’t make much sense if you are using an IP, but it’s perfect if you’re using DNS-Over-TLS. Therefore, it’s one of my favorites.

DNS0 is European public DNS founded by Romain Cointepas and Olivier Poitrey — co-founders of NextDNS. and |


Quad9 is operated by the Swiss-based Quad9 Foundation, with focus on privacy and and |

Offers profiles with various combinations of options.


CleanBrowsing is a DNS Filtering Platform and |

Various profiles

Adguard and DNS DNS is Swiss public DNS resolver provided by for the Swiss Internet community. and |


Control D is interesting for having Custom Configuration features, basic ones for free and |

Yandex DNS

Yandex DNS has also three filtering options. and

Alternate DNS

Alternate DNS is Ad Blocking DNS Server and


DNS.WATCH is based in Germany and in my tests it was much faster than lot of others. and


OpenDNS was the first to do it all, and for free. After being acquired by Cisco, they are now also known as “Cisco Umbrella”. and | none


SafeDNS je još jedna alternativa OpenDNS koja se većinom bazira na DNS Based Web Filtering. and

They provide a Web Categorization Database, and on the same page, there is a form that allows you to check the category of any website for free.

There are a Lot of Smaller DNS Providers

The very extensive list is collected in AdGuard source listed below.

bhanupratapys/dnswarden: Adblocking dns and Uncensored dns server. Supports Dns-over-TLS , Dns-over-HTTPS and DNSCrypt with DNSSEC enabled and no logging.

There are also Public Pi-hole instances: Home | Public-Pihole Blahdns – Dns service support DoH, DoT, DNSCrypt and

The free, secure and fast DNS service you need for a better browsing experience | PureDNS

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