Cloud Hosting Specifics

Cloud Hosting Specifics

Hetzner Cloud

How is the data stored in Volumes?

Data is stored using triple replication. Volumes can’t be shared as you can only attach a volume to one server at a time. Pricing: 20GB volume costs 0.95€/m.

What is the difference between local and CEPH servers?

Servers with local disks keep their data on a local RAID mirrored system.

CEPH servers store data on a remote filesystem and each block is stored on three different servers. They are suited for higher availability needs as if the local host hardware fails, we will boot the server on a different machine. Not sure what happens with IP, but I expect it to remain the same.

Are turned-off servers charged?

Yes, all servers are billed until they are deleted, regardless of if they are turned on or off. It is possible to take a snapshot of a server and delete it to minimize costs of unused server.

What is the difference between snapshots and backups?

Snapshots and backups are copies of your server’s disk.

  • Snapshots are created manually and are invoiced per gigabyte per month. It’s really cheap (0.01 €/GB per month) that amounts circa €0.2/m for typical 20GB disk.
  • Backups are nightly copies created automatically if enabled and latest 7 backups are retained. They are invoiced 20% of instance price.

Snapshots are retained even when you delete server so you should delete them separately, but backups are bound to a server and are automatically deleted if you delete the server.

How to access a backup or a snapshot?

The only way is to create a new server and choose the snapshot/backup as a source image.

What are floating IPs?

You can assign and reassign a floating IP to any server, via API or using console, or you can un-assign all together.

What are dedicated vCPU servers?

Every “dedicated vCPU” instance has its own dedicated CPU resources (1 vCPU = 1 hyper-thread).

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