Workflow: Software KVM Switches

Workflow: Software KVM Switches

same keyboard and mouse on multiple computers; keyboard and mouse sharing; control multiple computers and share mouse and keyboard on multiple computers (KVM); mouse and keyboard sharing so that I don’t have two sets of keyboards and mice on my desk

Input Leap

input-leap/input-leap: Open-source KVM software is a fork of Barrier, which is a fork of the commercial Synergy. It has been developed and maintained by the active maintainers of Barrier, as the original Barrier project is considered to be unmaintained. This software provides exactly what I need - it is simple, cross-platform, and open-source. The reason for a fork explained here as the real identity of the person behind Barrier remains unknown - “No one knows the real identity of that person” :)

debauchee/barrier: Open-source KVM software is a fork of Synergy, but it has not proven to be reliable in my experience. However, it is the only cross-platform open-source option available, so I have to rely on it if I want to use it on all my computers.

Synergy is a software that allows you to share one mouse and keyboard across multiple computers. It used to be open-source, and you can find the version of it here i autori čak podstiču da sam kompajliraš How to use Synergy for free - Synergy news - Symless. The latest freely available Synergy binaries can be found in this repository amankhoza/synergy-binaries odnosno poslednji najnoviji buildovi ovde DEAKSoftware/Synergy-Binaries: Download the latest stable Synergy binaries.

Instalacija jeste problem trenutno

Zato što ništa nije završeno - Work in progress, we’re looking into signed Windows and macOS builds. You can pick up unsigned debug build artifacts from GitHub Actions. Za MacOS, koristi ovo: Unofficial Homebrew tap for MacOS · input-leap/input-leap · Discussion #1623, a za Windows skini poslednji build artifact Actions · input-leap/input-leap

**** Privremeno sam odlučio da stavim stare Synergy buildove od DEAKSoftware dok ne izađu neke verzije od Input Leap-a. I to za sada radi. Loše se ponaša kada je drugi računar offline pošto ga i dalje pinguje odnosno nisam našao način da disable-uješ service odnosno da disableuješ autostart iz same aplikacije.

Others Evaluated

Input Director - Software KVM to Control Multiple Computers has great ripple effect. Amazing tool but for Windows only

Mouse without Borders je očigledno Windows only i sada je deo PowerToys alata Download Microsoft Garage Mouse without Borders from Official Microsoft Download Center Hands on: How one mouse can control multiple PCs with Microsoft’s Mouse Without Borders app | PCWorld

ShareMouse by Bartels Media GmbH (Virtual CD creators) shares both keyboard and mouse, but no clipboard sync in free version, and it is PC and Mac but not Linux. A i licenca su updates samo po godinu dana.

There are also commercial solutions, and the well-known company Stardock produces a very advanced software KVM switch called Multiplicity, but it is only available for Windows.

I have tried Logitech Flow, which is part of the Logitech Options package on some keyboards and mice. In my opinion, the way it works is tragic because when it comes to Bluetooth connection, it actually connects and disconnects the device from the computer, so transitioning from one screen to another is not at all “flow”-like.

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