AI » LLM Models & Frameworks

AI » LLM Models & Frameworks

LLM: Large Language Models

Odličan info o modelima: i detaljno: Hannibal046/Awesome-LLM: Awesome-LLM: a curated list of Large Language Model

I ovde su ispisani svi modeli: Mooler0410/LLMsPracticalGuide: A curated list of practical guide resources of LLMs (LLMs Tree, Examples, Papers) sa sve rang listom.

LLM Frameworks


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Universal API for unstructured data

Šta je jebeno ovo?

Psychic is a platform for integrating with your customer’s SaaS tools like Notion, Zendesk, Confluence, and Google Drive or General purpose web scraper for all other content and syncing documents from these applications to your SQL or vector database. You can think of it like Plaid for unstructured data.

Open source self-hosted: psychicapi/psychic: Unified APIs for ingesting unstructured data. Sync documents from your customers’ SaaS tools to a SQL or vector database, where they can be easily queried by AI applications Cloud version: Psychic Dashboard

Ranije se zvao Sidekick - tool to connect to your customer’s SaaS applications like Notion, Zendesk, Confluence, and Google Drive Psychic lets you scale to dozens of knowledge base, ticketing system, and CRM integrations by connecting to one universal API.

Dakle, za pravljenje API-ja iz tvojih podataka tako da možeš da pitaš sa AI podatke is for parallel model execution, but nothing - absolutely nothing - comes without payment.

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