Fix Sahifa Theme

Fix Sahifa Theme

  • fix sahifa
  • stavi samo cdn plugin - da zajebeš w3tc i da proveriš kako je bez njega

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The Quicktags API allows you to include additional buttons in the Text (HTML) mode of the WordPress editor.


Quicktags API « WordPress Codex

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  • My marker for changes in theme files is <!-- etk-cvladan -->

Changes & problems:

  • Read this

  • \framework\widgets.php: style .widget-top span is now .widget-top h4

  • de_DE.po translations are not from the latest Sahifa - there are none included. But, there is an option in Sahifa settings: Translations where you can translate everything

  • framework\parts\not-found.php: when there is no posts (page.php), search will be shown (was not before)

  • Sahifa has option Lazy Load For Images, so I disabled all the plugins (a3 Lazy Load)

  • NOT (Don’t see a reason, Kreon never used): Set Kreon instead of Droid+Sans as default Google font. Previously in header.php

  • Sahifa settings to set: Advanced Settings > Disable Arqam Lite, Notify on theme updates

  • Arqam plugin is replacing Social Counter. I disabled it in Sahifa settings.

  • Taqyeem plugin is responsible for the review system in Sahifa theme.

  • In Sahifa options set - files must exist: /assets/uploads/gfx/save-up-logo.png & /assets/uploads/gfx/save-up-logo-favicon.png

  • In Sahifa options, REMOVED SHIT from Custom CSS - Global CSS and put that in .css where it belongs. Please, anybody - never ever put here anything, permanent! Just temporary!
  • prebaci na tag <article> as voucher

  • Proći sve Shopove i dodeliti im Tagove: new, exclusive ili top

  • Na stranama: Modegutscheine, Reisegutscheine, etc, link na Gutscheine von A bis Z ne baca na pravi link.
    Biće fiksovano sa 404 fixom.

  • Mnogo si menjao HTML na Home strani. Moraš to ručno da pregaziš.

  • Finish ’emblems’ tag in Shop Info

  • Enable Footer Widgets in Sahifa Settings

  • Change Logo-Slider to Meteor Slides

Page template is stored in meta, as:

SELECT * FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key = '_wp_page_template'

To update meta key values:

UPDATE `wp_postmeta` SET `meta_value` = replace(meta_value, 'old_value', 'new_value') WHERE `meta_key` = '_wp_page_template'

To rename any meta key name:

UPDATE `wp_postmeta` SET `meta_key` = 'ref' WHERE `meta_key` = 'XXX'

Examples how to write for Theme Customizer: code-examples/customizer at master · WPTRT/code-examples

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