Job queue and async execution in Wordpress

Job queue and async execution in Wordpress

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Async Tasks

non-blocking async requests + background processing deliciousbrains/wp-background-processing: WordPress background processing class primer:

TechCrunch WP Asynchronous Tasks techcrunch/wp-async-task developed by 10up

wp-async-task is explained also here

async PHP spatie/async: Easily run code asynchronously

Job Queue for WordPress

Ustvari GENIJALNO za slike: deliciousbrains/wp-image-processing-queue: Resize WordPress images in the background uses deliciousbrains/wp-queue

Using the WP Queue to Copy REST API Data to Files

  1. WP-Cron

  2. woocommerce/action-scheduler i ima savršen Scheduled Actions Administration Screen Može sa composer-om

    I aktelni opis: Creating background processes in WordPress · Florian Brinkmann

  3. dfmedia/wp-queue-tasks: Create and process tasks asynchronously in WordPress


Woow: How to execute long running processes in Wordpress? Batch processing for big data - Pippins Plugins


AJAX in Wordpress

AJAX in Plugins « WordPress Codex How to Use AJAX in WordPress to Load Search Results - WPMU DEV

Woow, za gutschein Queues - Working Smarter, Faster and in Parallel - Juan Treminio - Senior Web Developer Blog

Was 10up/WP-Gears · GitHub now is 10up/WP-Minions: Job Queue for WordPress

One Time Scheduled WordPress Jobs is using wp_schedule_single_event hook

AgencyPMG/Queue: A simple PHP task queue. PMG Queue — PMG Queue 3.0.0 documentation

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