Plugin: Contact Form 7

Plugin: Contact Form 7


The Complete Tutorial on How to use Contact Form 7

Plan: CF7 Core CSS Improvements

Improving CF7 Design

Floating Labels in Form Fields

Floating Placeholders, Peeky Placeholders

scriptvoyager/floating-labels-for-contact-form-7: The “Floating Labels for Contact Form 7” plugin is designed exclusively to enhance the popular “Contact Form 7” plugin. It introduces a sleek feature known as floating labels, making your form appear more streamlined and user-friendly, especially when accommodating numerous fields.

Misc Design Inspirations

Revolutionary Discovery: Effortlessly Insert Forms Without ID!

The solution to seamless form usage resilient to content migration, has been uncovered!

But how can we embed the form to be flexible to migration into new site where form ID is different? It turns out that if you have a form shortcode without “id” attribute it will search for the requested form by “title” attribute. And that’s it - so simple.

The source of discovery is this article: Embed contact form 7 in your custom theme

I must use shortcode and not block:

<!-- wp:shortcode -->
[contact-form-7 title="Get In Touch"]
<!-- /wp:shortcode -->

I believe it will function seamlessly with Polylang, although possible challenges may exist.

Code: Nicer design

lukaspodmelle/contact-form-7-modern-design: Modern look for the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin – a complete CSS style sheet

Attaching files to email

Discover the simple process of attaching a file to an email, as outlined in this official guide: File uploading and attachment

Code: HTML5 Validation

Treba uključiti client proveru polja

Code: Upload Progress Bar

Upload Progress Bar in Contact Form 7

File Upload with Progress Bar using Vanilla JavaScript in Laravel 9

Contact Form & Salesforce Integration

Should work: Contact Form 7 Salesforce plugin or custom code

  1. Pricing - CF7 Skins

  2. Contact Form 7 Multi-step Forms (Add-on for CF7) by AzMarket works amazing (the best of the bunch), but has limit on 2 pages, unlike the paid version.

  3. Contact Form 7 Multi-Step by Rednumber has also limit on two pages, unlike paid version. Same author has a paid plugin for Conditional Logic.

  4. Contact Form Seven CF7 Multi-Step Pro by NinjaTeam is only paid, as they discontinued their free version.

  5. Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms by Webhead LLC. doesn’t work as AJAX but on multiple pages.

It has experimental support for Multi-page

How to disable classic submit in CF7:

Block Editor Kit for Contact Form 7 Contact Form 7 – Gutenberg block before the official one

Important for CF7: Initial support for forms provided by Contact Form 7 when used with the official AMP plugin

Nije loš tool za CF7: Contact form 7 Layout Builder I solidan tekst o CF7 The Complete Guide to Styling Contact Form 7 Plugin for WordPress - Crocoblock

A pominje i odličan plugin Contact Form 7 – Dynamic Text Extension

Style Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin - Pine ima vrlo lep default styling i bolji od oficijelnog

Contact Form 7 treba za admin jQuery Form pa samim tim i jQuery, ali za frontend više ne treba - vidi remove jQuery frontend dependency · Issue #209 · rocklobster-in/contact-form-7

Plugin author Takayuki Miyoshi is personal takayukister (Takayuki Miyoshi), but by commits I see that this user is genuine: rocklobster-in and all plugins are there.

Track some GTM events in CF7 with this snippet zubayerislam01/Contact-form-7-tracking: This is contact form 7 tracking JavaScript code for Tag Manager

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