AI Usage: Prompt Snippets

AI Usage: Prompt Snippets

Moj Prvi Rewriter Prompt

You are a translator into the English language and the resulting text needs to be in a markdown format. Rewrite the following text in English. It doesn’t have to be a direct translation, you should paraphrase if it would make more sense.

Translate this foreign text to English using a witty tone from a second person point of view, while preserving the basic structure and headings, and present the result as a markdown codeblock.

Ovaj iznad je baš napadno govorio u drugom licu i skoro po pravilu je počinjao pasuse sa pitanjem u drugom licu.


Ako mi da hrvatski rezultat, pokušavam ovim da ga ispravim

“, in Serbian language, Ekavian dialect and Latin alphabet.”


please rewrite and “spin” the next paragraph in a fun and light tone, change words: Temperature: 0.70, Maximum length: 256??? Objasni

Kao da zvuči ljudskije

This should make your content sound less like a robot. You can also try some cool things like:

  • Rewrite this blog like I am a 16th-century English pirate
  • Write a great argument AGAINST this blog. I actually love this one because AI does a good job of steel-manning arguments against my viewpoints
  • Rewrite this blog in the style of [famous author]

Paraphrase the following paragraph, using as few words from the original paragraph as possible. It doesn't have to be a direct translation, you should paraphrase if it would make more sense. Result must be in causal style English.

Rewrite the following text. Preserve basic text structure. The result should be in causal style English, formatted as markdown. It doesn't have to be a direct translation, you should paraphrase if it would make more sense. Original text:

U pitanju je neki pametan podnaslov

Neki tekst na srpskom ili engleskom ili mixed language, za mene to nije problem.

Paragraph Rewriter Tool

rephrasing, rewriting

I am searching for the most effective AI prompt for transforming, rewriting and translating text from Serbian to English.

Rewriting titles and headlines

Rewrite the following blog post title into five different titles but optimized for social media virality:

You are a translator into the English language and the resulting text needs to be in a markdown format.

Korektan ali običan prevod:

I’ll provide you with some foreign text in Markdown format. You must translate it to English using a casual and witty tone, sometimes from a second person point of view, while preserving the basic structure and headings. Output must be in Markdown format wrapped inside codeblock. Original text is:

Definitivno često “ispada” iz mode gde mi daje rezultat unutar codeblock-a. Najbolje je prompt ponovoit svaki put.


I want you to act as an English translator, spelling corrector and improver. I will speak to you in any language and you will detect the language, translate it and answer in the corrected and improved version of my text, in English. I want you to replace my simplified A0-level words and sentences with more beautiful and elegant, upper level English words and sentences. Keep the meaning same, but make them more literary. I want you to only reply the correction, the improvements and nothing else, do not write explanations.

A ima i

I want you to act as a title generator for written pieces. I will provide you with the topic and key words of an article, and you will generate five attention-grabbing titles. Please keep the title concise and under 20 words, and ensure that the meaning is maintained. Replies will utilize the language type of the topic. My first topic is “LearnData, a knowledge base built on VuePress, in which I integrated all of my notes and articles, making it easy for me to use and share.”

Mislim to je njegov repo: f/awesome-chatgpt-prompts: This repo includes ChatGPT prompt curation to use ChatGPT better.

Primer summarize

We introduce Extreme TLDR generation, a new form of extreme summarization for paragraphs. TLDR generation involves high source compression, removes stop words and summarizes the paragraph whilst retaining meaning. The result is the shortest possible summary that retains all of the original meaning and context of the paragraph.




Extreme TLDR:

Probao sam isti prompt na oba, i opet je ChatGPT bolje ukapirao suštinu. Tekst je:

“Guy shifted from Logseq to Obsidian over the last couple of weeks. One of my reasons for doing so is that while Logseq does technically store your notes as local markdown files, there’s so much added on top of that, that I can’t really open my notes folder in Typora/[markdown editor of choice] and have a smooth experience reading my notes. The underlying format might be open, but there was still lock-in. Obsidian seems much better for that - there’ll always be a tradeoff between features and portability, but I do prefer Obsidian’s balance.”

GPT3: Guy shifted from Logseq to Obsidian; prefers Obsidian’s balance between features and portability. ChatGPT: Guy switched to Obsidian from Logseq due to limitations in accessing notes as plain markdown files in Logseq. Obsidian has a better balance between features and portability.

Naglasak je ustvari na “accessing notes as plain markdown files” i to je ChatgPT ubo.

This prompt has been working great, but around 05.02.2023 it started “falling out” of the markdown format and not retaining links and other markdown elements.

I want you to be my English translator, spell checker and proofreader. I will speak to you in any language and you will recognise the language, translate it and reply in the corrected and improved version of my text, in English. I would like you to replace my simplified words and sentences of the A0 level with more beautiful and elegant words and sentences of the upper English level. I would like you to use more of the second person point of you. I want you to keep the meaning the same, but make it sound more casual and witty. I want you to answer only the corrections and improvements and nothing else. Do not write explanations. Keep the same number of subheadings, and keep them concise. I want you to only reply with the Markdown output inside one unique code block, and nothing else. My text is:

I immediately asked ChatGPT to reformulate it and received the following:

I request your services as an English translator, spell checker, and proofreader. Kindly recognize the language I use and translate it to a corrected and improved version of English, using more elegant and beautiful words and phrases of an upper level. Also, please replace my simple A0 level sentences with more casual and witty expressions. It’s crucial to maintain the meaning while improving the style and tone. Please note, I expect only the corrected and improved text as the output, and no explanations. Kindly preserve the number of subheadings and keep them concise. The final output should be in the form of one code block, using Markdown format. My original text is:

Please translate my text from any language into English, serving as my spell checker and proofreader as well. I’d like you to use more sophisticated and refined words, with a focus on the second person point of view. The meaning of my text should remain the same, but with a more casual and witty tone. Kindly provide the corrected text only and no explanations, preserving the number of subheadings and keeping them concise. The final output should be wrapped in a single code block using Markdown format. Here is my original text:

Writing code

I attempted to have an AI write a plugin for me. Although it provides generally sound advice, it quickly becomes disorganized and jumbled. It is imperative to devise a framework for the workflow to prevent such confusion from occurring.

You are PHP and JS programmer. Write me a WP plugin named “Declarative Plugin Options” in most optimal OOP style and folder structure.

It should have one admin options page with just one button “Record Option Changes”.

When that button is pressed, the triggers are created in database that record inserts and updates on wp_options table in separate table named “options_changes”. The new button is created in WP admin bar, in right edge, titled “Stop Capturing” and with red background. The button “Record Option Changes” also changes name to “Stop Capturing”. When user press either of button in admin bar or button in options page, the database triggers are removed. The plugin option page is displayed and content of “options_changes” table is presented to the user on options page in JSON format.

The whole plugin must be initiated first, before any other plugin, and during initialization it must read configuration file “options_state.json” and display it on it’s options page. There should be option to edit this file on options page.

Use most modern PHP and most modern Javascript. For AJAX calls use latest Fetch API calls.

More examples:

You are wordpress coder with knowledge in php and react. Use tab size of 2 spaces.

Write me a shortest WP plugin that will create a plugin that creates a new Gutenberg block named “Pinterest Pinset” with slug svko/pinterest-pinset. I’ve already scaffolded all files using command:

npx @wordpress/create-block --variant dynamic --namespace "svko" --title "Pinterest Pins" --category "widgets" --short-description "A dynamic block rendered on server to display set of Pinterest Pins" "pinpins"

Created block should store its properties in block markup and not in post custom fields. Properties are ID’s that are Pinterest Pin ID’s. User can add ID’s as many as he wants.

Use useBlockProps in edit.js and get_block_wrapper_attributes in render.php

In edit.js create nice UI interface with buttons to add ID, delete ID and reorder list of ID’s. Allow user to enter Pinterest pin URL (eg. and it will automatically extract ID from it and add as if user specified exact ID. Besides every import statement in code you should put a comment with very short explanation and a link to the package information.

Block UI must be done in editor area and not in sidebar. If possible, ensure that preview in editor is very similar to he one in frontend and you access editing interface only when block is selected by user.

Please, write me just edit.js and any connected files.


You are translator and corrector. I will write in any language, and you will reply a corrected and improved version of my text translated to English. Keep the meaning same and make it sound more like native British. Answer only the corrections and improvements and nothing else, without explanations and without new headings. Preserve Markdown links and Markdown subhead structure.

When you encounter heading in source text, just slightly reformulate it but don’t make it too lengthy.

If source text has a markdown link to GitHub repository in the following format

user/repo: description

you will change it to following format:

user/repo description.

“description” part should be rephrased, so it sounds like a proper sentence. For example, text link:

golang/example: Go example projects

Should be converted in result link to:

golang/example is an example project for Golang

Format result as Markdown. Wrap result in one huge code block.

First and foremost, for the extensive list of Markdown links I will provide, remove all query parameters, particularly advertising and UTM tags. Then, you must understand the subject of each link. Attempt to do this by examining the link’s content, but if that’s not possible, try to deduce it from the text within the link itself. The link should ultimately display only the title or name of the product, and you should briefly describe each link. The combined description and link should not exceed three lines of text. Be specific and avoid beating around the bush when writing descriptions.

For example, transform a link that looks like this:

Into the following format:

  • Fontpair is an online tool for browsing and combining font pairings that you can use in your projects. Continue with the description of this product, but focus on its specific features rather than general aspects.

Reply as Markdown text wrapped in one code block. Here is a list of my links:

By the way, I’m quite curious, have you checked the content of these links in order to write a description, or have you simply analysed the existing information you have in this list?

Tailwind CSS Color & Fonts

This is Tailwind CSS:

<div class="block w-full bg-[rgba(223,244,251,1)]">
  <h2 class="pointer-events-none mb-2 min-w-full text-3xl font-bold font-[" open_sans",_serif]"="">Die wichtigsten Punkte bei der Hochzeitsplanung</h2>
  <p class="mb-6 min-w-full text-lg tracking-tight text-[rgba(85,89,93,1)]">Die wichtigsten Punkte, die zur Planung einer Hochzeit dazugehören, sind die Festlegung 
    <b class="font-bold ">des Hochzeitsdatum, die Budgetplanung, die Gästeliste</b>, das Finden 
    <b class="font-bold ">der Hochzeitslocation</b>, die Organisation 
    <b class="font-bold ">der Trauung, die Kleiderwahl</b> und die Wahl der 
    <b class="font-bold ">richtigen Dienstleister. Eine Checkliste ist ein Must-Have, wie Ihr sehen könnt.</b> 

Replace “[rgba(R,G,B,A)]” with closest Tailwind colors and don’t create custom Tailwind colors. Replace “font-[” open_sans",_serif]" or similar with defined styles it in tailwind.config.js

Display only the result HTML and tailwind.config.js, without any explanation or suggestions. Not one word of explanation.

HTML and CSS » SCSS for destination HTML

You are a senior expert in CSS, SCSS, and HTML. I will provide a source HTML element and its corresponding CSS rules that style the element. Additionally, I will supply a destination HTML element that needs to visually match the source HTML representation.

Generate a destination SCSS for the destination HTML so that the final design replicates the source design. Add class names if needed. Please optimize the SCSS and keep it concise. Use minimal selectors and SCSS rules that are needed. Should be maximally nested and everything must be scoped to this element only.

Source HTML:


Source CSS:


Destination HTML:


Display only the destination SCSS, without any explanation or suggestions. Not one word of explanation.

Please translate following sentence to English with academic writing, improve the spelling, grammar, clarity, concision and overall readability. When necessary, rewrite the whole sentence.

I want you to act as a stackoverflow post and respond in Chinese. I will ask programming-related questions and you will reply with what the answer should be. I want you to only reply with the given answer, and write explanations when there is not enough detail. do not write explanations. When I need to tell you something in English, I will do so by putting text inside curly brackets {like this}. My first question is:

Pravila koja sam shvatio

  • Poe je ozbiljna prevara da bi se plaćao. Claude iz Poe nije nikako radio, dok u Slack jeste korektnije.

  • Bard je za sada kataklizma puna govana i vrlo često zabrlja osnovne stvari. Osim toga, za HTML je neuopotrebljiv jer čak i un interfejsu ne dozvoljava malo duži unos.

  • Claude je jedini koji nekako parira ChatGPT ali nekako na nivou GPT3.5. Svejeno, on obećava, posebno za HTML

  • Zaboravlja sa pozicijom Verovatno zato što zaboravlja i sumira, bolje je da tekst unesem u sredini a stavke šta da radi na kraju. Pre teksta ide “smeštanje u kontekst”

  • Za prevod teksta kvalitet rezultate u sledećem redosledu:

    Web (uvek mi je bolji ne API) GPT4 Web GPT4 API GPT3.5 Web GPT3.5 API Claude nije loš, kada radi Bard ima korektan tekst, ali ništa ne uradi strukturalno pravilno

  • Ustanovio sam da odvojeni CSS mi ništa dobro ne radi. Tako da to zaboravi. Sve neka bude inline CSS.

    Zatim radiš da pravim podacima.

Možda je bolje izvući stranu sa onim ekstenzijama, a usput SingleFile uvek daje manji fajl of SaveWE a isto izgledaju. Nakon testiranja, nisam baš video neku prednost koišenja Windy na ovakvim fajlovima, osnosno čak je i imalo nešto komplikovaniji izgled.

Kompletan procesNa kloniranja dizajna.

  1. Orignal HTML and CSS using browser Extract HTML with inline CSS unit from browser Choose any method, ali je bitno da sav CSS bude inline jer se pokazalo da nije baš pametan kada je odvojeno

    1.1. Extract sve DataURI inline resurse, osim CSS. On sav treba da je unutra. 1.2. Ubaci AI korak gde bi samo “skinuo redudant CSS styling” Pošto ću tako verovatno smanjiti veličinu fajla

    Ako AI hoće da proguta celokupan HTML, ne treba da radiš korak 1.1 jer je to bolje za korak 4.

  2. Get HTML using AI Destination HTML skeleton structure Input je HTML koji sadrži CSS u sebi ali sve ostalo što je bilo inline je izvučeno van HTML-a AI procesira to i pitaš kakvu izlaznu HTML strukturu sa lepšim imenima CSS classa i bez nepotrebnih tagova Ako ne izgleda dobro, ovaj se korak može i preskočiti

  3. Populate with data using PHP Hydrate skeleton with content

    • Zatim ubaciš u source-kod i pokrećeš PHP import da ga vidiš na frontendu
    • Dobio si generisan izlaz sa identičnim vrednostima slika i ostalog kao ulaz i to mu pomaže u AI radu Verovatno zato što lakše kapira strukturu sa tačnim tekstom
  4. Proveri da li je ulazni HTML prilagođen, manual step Slike treba da imaju iste URL-ove na obe strane pa je moguće da ćeš u originalnom HTML-u morati da menjaš URL za externe slike, jer smo ih ranije “pročišćavali”

  5. Derive SCSS using AI Final CSS generation

    • Na osnovu početnog ulaza HTML inlined CSS i novog HTML, a da oba imaju iste podatke u raznim poljima. neka preloži SCSS da isto izgleda
    • dobio si da je dobro styled

Napomena: Ako mogu nekako da izmenim korak 1.1 tako da negde zapamti originalni URL, onda korak 3. postaje drastično jednostavniji.

AI ima 2 koraka, prvi da predloži skeleton i posle da predloži styling.

  1. Wordpress Dodatak za blokove:

    Nakon što si dobio perfektan HTML i SCSS dizajn, traži mu da ti predloži Gutenberg blokove koji bi isto izgledali. Možda ćeš morati da inline SCSS kako bi mu pomogao

Zašto Tailwind CSS i gde je on tu?

Pa zato što skraćuje HTML pa sve može da se uvuče u model. A i tad nema više uopšte CSS-a a mislim da se AI sa time bolje snalazi.

Ali je problem što početni Tailwind nije idealan! Ne, ustvari jeste! Arbitrary values for Custom Styles I zato se to zove Just-in-Time Mode - Tailwind CSS Sad kapiram! Ok. Može. Arbitrary Styles With Tailwind JIT | by Victor Onuoha Martins | Devjavu | Medium

Pa kako onda dalje?

Definitivno Winden koristi JIT, samo još da probam

Kako pisati sa AI?

Return only the main response. Remove pre-text and post-text. Voice and style guide: Write at a 5th grade level. Use clear and simple language, even when explaining complex topics. Bias toward short sentences. Avoid jargon and acronyms.

Master Guide to ChatGPT Prompts: Unlocking Content Creation ChatGPT Prompts for Blog Writing: a Full Guide - Intellectual Lead Writing the best prompt: using the right tone Tones for Content Writing 50+ Best ChatGPT Prompts For Blog Posts Writing [UPDATED]

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